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The Global peace Movement started in the University of Ibadan as a student Organization in the year 1986 to stem the tide violent student demonstrations and it later metamorphosed into the Global peace Movement which is now a worldwide NGO.

The Global peace movement is non-government, non-political, non-sectarian, non-profit voluntary citizen organization. It's objective is to make peace and also act as a facilitator to create mutual understanding in all crisis situation within national societies and among members of the international Community. The Global peace Movement is endowed with a formidable team of qualified and experienced members in the area of peace making, crisis management, crisis point intervention/conflict resolution, human rights advocacy, and the creation of the enabling environment for negotiation and peace.

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Since inception the Global peace Movement has participated in the resolution of many conflicts in Nigeria and the International Community notably:
  • The llaro Communities/ Students violent demonstration in llaro 1997. GLOBAL Peace Movement waded in and brokered a peace accord between all parties (see newspaper attached copies)
  • The Ife-Modakeke crises relative peace and truce brokered by GLOBAL Peace Movement in August 28, 1997
  • The Liberian election and Reconciliation 1997. GLOBAL Peace Movement sent delegates to Liberia, election monitoring
  • Peace pacification of Apese Community, Lagos. January 7, 1998
  • Peace Rally in Lagos. January 8, 1998 (Public Rally calling on the Abacha Administration not to execute Lt. Gen. Oladipo Diya and other alledged convicted Coup plotters of the Celebrated 1997 December Coup)
  • Mediation on the face - off between the United Nations and the Iraqi government, February 12 to March 30, 1998, GLOBAL Peace Movement ten man delegation visited Iraq and inspected all Presidential Palaces and other designated sites that were in contention. The special ten man team traveled extensively throughout Iraq and met with various Political Leaders, Industrialist, Merchants, Academics, Students and the ordinary people of Iraq. The team also met with various UN officials and Diplomats in Bagdad. Positive progress was recorded.
  • GLOBAL Peace Movement helped in the evacuation of the Kosovo Refugees from Albania to Hungary during the crisis between Ethnic Albania and Yugoslavia Serbs from the 8th of September to October 12, 1998
  • 5th of December, 1999 Global peace Movement was in Iraq for International peace in Baghdad
  • Mediation in the Niger Delta Communities crisis in Nigeria Reconciliation in progress
  • Secret Cults eradication and renouncement program and rally in University of Ibadan from 2nd of September 1999. 16 Cult members renounced their membership openly on the rally ground. All the cults group agreed not to be involved in violence, maiming, killings etc. within University of Ibadan. From then till today 19th June, 2002 nobody has been killed or maimed within the University of Ibadan
  • The Oodua peoples Congress (OPC) Police face-off in Bariga Lagos February 18, 2000. GLOBAL Peace Movement Brokered Truce between the Police the Public and the OPC
  • Between March till date the GLOBAL Peace Movement is on daily Program in Nigerian Radio and Television Programs on Peace Campaign, Human Rights advocacy and promotion and conflict resolution
  • PEACE MEDIATION AND RECONCILIATION in Offa Town Kwara State of Nigeria between the community, the students of Federal Polytechnic, and the Management after the violent clash of May 8, 2000 that left several people dead and the Polytechnic invaded and partly burnt with properties worth millions of Naira destroyed. GLOBAL Peace Movement carried out extensive Peace and reconciliation campaigns throughout Offa and among the student. Meetings were held with all stake holders and agreement and truce brokered for peace and peaceful co-existence between the students, the Offa people and the Management/ Staff of the Federal Polytechnic Offa. RECONCILIATION CONCLUDED on 12 March 2001
  • PEACE MEDIATION AND RECONCILIATION between Military Pensioners, Federal Ministry of Defence/Directorate of Military Pensions. (The Medically unfit Soldiers Batch one and two totaling four thousand eight hundred who were not paid their pensions and gratuities from 1979 when they were discharged from the Military) they came together and occupied the vicinity of DMP (Directorate of Military Pensions) vowing not to leave until they are paid. The Military made several attempts to eject them but this was not possible. From July 2000 when many of them started dying almost on daily basis. The GLOBAL Peace Movement waded in and had negotiations between the DMP, The Ministry of Defence and the pensioners. Truce was brokered and in October 14th 2000, four thousand eight hundred pensioners were transported by GLOBAL Peace Movement from Lagos to Lokoja, Department of Army Records for verifications of claims. Successful and Legitimate pensioners were transported to Abuja for payment. The process of verification is still on.
  • Secret Cults Eradication Program. The Polytechnic Ibadan, Ibadan. After the gruesome murders, violence and terror unleashed on the various campuses of the Polytechnic by the secret cults members. The GLOBAL Peace Movement was invited by the Polytechnic Management to help resolved the crisis. The GLOBAL Peace Movement carried out intensive campaigns in all the campuses of the Polytechnic and held renouncement and denouncement rally where many student came out to openly renounced their membership of secret cults. More are still coming out. And a program of rehabilitation is currently on with the Polytechnic anti cult committee and local branch of the GLOBAL Peace Movement with the Polytechnic. Positive progress has so far being recorded. Former sworn enemies of various cult groups have now been reconciled and are now working together as friends to rid the Polytechnic and the society of cultism.
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The GLOBAL Peace Movement is actively involved in pivotal Peace and capacity building efforts. Through the training of its members, field officers and other NGO and government officials on amicable dispute resolution and crisis management. We sponsor, field officials, volunteers and members for training and capacity building courses in well equipped institutions and training centers, courses and programs from one country to another.

The GPM is a foremost crisis point intervention NGO that help to create the right atmosphere for disputant and people in crisis situation to dialogue. We as a body believes in helping to train groups, community(ies) on the art of conflict management and amicable dispute resolution, crisis point intervention etc. These we believe will help to make the world a better place for all to live in. The GLOBAL Peace Movement has members spread over the globe. We have a very large followership in Nigeria. Our members are engaged in the task of Peace building/ advocacy, crisis point intervention, mediation and human rights advocacy while our Press section keeps watch over issues that may lead to or breed conflict and human rights violation.

We operate by enlightening, educating, dialoguing, mediating, and providing relief and succor to those in distress and those whose right have been violated while creating the enabling environment for redress to take place peacefully.

In our work we utilize various mass media to propagate peace. For examples we use both Televisions, Radio and Print media to spread the message of peace, periodically, we organize seminars, symposia, Peace Rallies, production of leaflets etc to the public.

The experience of the GLOBAL Peace Movement are numerous and we are certain that you will benefit greatly from co-operating and assisting the GLOBAL Peace Movement, to make peace and create better friendship among all men.




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