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The Executive Governor of Katsina State

Global Peace Movement International, a leading human rights socio-economic development organization in its avowed quest and determination to constantly pursue and highlight the virtues of unusual developmental strides, good governance and the delivery of positive democratic dividend in Africa and around the world, finds it of imperative option to bring to global focus the lives changing developmental activities in Katsina State, in Northern Nigeria.

Infrastructural Development in Roads, Haousing and TransportationFor the avoidance of doubt, Alhaji Ibrahim Shema, the Executive Governor of Kastina State has been able to do, achieve  and surpass what others before him has not done or achieved either at state or national level in making lives more meaningful for the people and residents of the state.

For Global Peace Movement International, known for its high and unyielding uncompromising stance towards what it is assumed the Nigerian polity and economy has negatively become, it thus become surprisingly pleasant to witness first hand, the progressive and developmental efforts of an individual in public and elected office that has totally puts to shame the widely held notion of Nigeria and its socio-economic policies of underperformance, graft and corruption in high and low places.

Governor Ibrahim Shema, Kastina State, progress and development are been recorded on all fronts. Innovations and the need to make life exceptionally meaningful for the people has been given a newer and stronger pride of place, with the people of the state now seeing and receiving the deliverables of democracy that they never thought possible before now.

These socio-economic developments are visible to all. In the area of education, which by all universal standard of development is considered a priority area, the administration of Governor Ibrahim Shema in Katsina State has massively increased the number of pupils and student enrolments in schools built or renovated by the government. More girl children in the state now have access to qualitative and quantitative education unlike in the past.

This educational developments effort by Governor Shema is also complemented the governor’s effort to make the payments of fees for all external examinations, including NECO and WAEC free for all, including non indigenes of the state, who are residents.

This effort by the governor has led to a monumental rise in the number of female enrolments in schools, which has so risen to over 78 percent increase since the governor began the initiative in 2007.

Added to this is the foreknowledge and recognition of education as the ultimate vehicle for the maintenance of sustainable development that has made the governor to commence and conclude the establishment of the Katsina State University, a tertiary institution that is gradually pulling its weight in the committee of federal and state universities in the country and beyond, with accreditation coming from the National Universities Commission for several faculties.

The fact that the senate building of the Katsina State University remains a shining example of what a university library building should be is a testament of his commitment to education.

Also, far as total health systems and provision of quality medical services are concerned in Nigeria, the Katsina State government has been able to prove that the holistic provision of health is of great importance and benefit to the socio-economic development of the people of his state.

This has led to the constructing of a 250 bed orthopaedic hospital to provide world class medical facilities to the people, the first of its kind by any state government in Nigeria; Governor Ibrahim Shema has proved that health indeed is wealth for the people of the state and beyond.

An amazing thing however, in all of these great  strides and achievements by the governor in the state, is that all these projects are initiated and completed without taking any form loan, external or internal borrowing or grants by the state government. With the lowest costing in the History of Budgeting in any civil or military Government since Nigeria Independence in 1960.

Recognizing the need for quality and adequate means of transportation as a catalyst for development, and also for intra and intercity movements, Governor Ibrahim Shema has provided varieties of long range transportation vehicles that includes buses and cars that can convey the citizens of the state to far flung place like Lagos, Abuja, Portharcourt, Calabar, alongside other smaller buses and cars that are used for the provision of transport to all including Students  within and outside the state.

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The Katsina State Youths Skills Acquisition Center has become a reference point in how to engage the youths and keep them positively and productively engaged with a view to turning out better citizens.

At the Katsina Youth Skills Acquisition and Training Centre, youths from various backgrounds and other states from the northern parts of the country including females, are trained in various social and vocational skills that can make them self reliant economically. Feeding and accommodation also included with monthly allowance to all.

These initiatives includes trainings in computer programming and engineering, to sustainable trainings in welding and fabrication technology, vulcanising, furniture manufacturing, modern farming techniques marketing and information technology, GSM Tech included.  The Katsina State government has been able to successfully engage the youths and keep hope alive for them.

Many trainees from the centre have also graduated and successfully started out their own businesses in and across the state and beyond.

In the he provision of portable water, great milestone and success have been recorded by the state government that is yet to be rivalled by any.

With the provision of water reservoir and tanks and at interval of about one kilometre each across the state, resident have no fear or worry for the provision and sustenance of the basic amenity.

The free water provided by the state government also serves to irrigate farms, clear drainages and provide drinking water to all, at no any extra cost to the people of the state.

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In Katsina State, Ibrahim Shema’s administration has made the provision of mass housing for all, particularly civil servants a top priority.

The State government has embarked on and completed the provision of over 500 units of 3 bedroom apartments for citizens at a no interests rate.

The governor has also initiated construction and completed another 500, 2 bedroom units apartments, In 34 local Government area of the state.

There are also the provision of detached house units, numbering over 300 for the residents, civil servant and other interested citizens. All these are provided at no interests at all to the beneficiaries.

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It remains a great economic irony in Nigeria that while the federal government of Nigeria owned international airport project in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja was initiated and yet to be completed at a cost of over N64billion, the Katsina state government has initiated, constructed and completed the same type of airport project with a tower and runway to match at a cost of about N5 billion.

The airport in Katsina state, which has been successfully serving its purpose as a transit and departure point for intending pilgrims, centre of sub-Saharan trade and commerce in the north and part of the overall development of Katsina state by Ibrahim Shema, is a project that still continues to surprise all visitors to the state, as it is obvious that only a visit to the airport and its surroundings infrastructures will make its developmental impact clearer.

Moreso, with the new Ring Road being developed by constructed by the Ibrahim Shema;s government in the state, Katsina state has truly assumed the status of a  mega city, as the state government is indeed set to make the state, a true and present example of what genuine, accountable and responsible governance and delivery of democratic dividend to the electorate should be.

NOTE: This assessment of the state government developmental strides is after a secret assessment of visit to the state by the Executive Members of Global Peace Movement International, led by its president general from the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

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Katsina State Government should be used to access and monitor the Budget and expenditure of both Federal and state spending and costing in Nigeria. THE MAKING OF A PRUDENT GOVERNOR.

September 2010

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The six lane Liyafa junction to state secretariat round-about roads
  Completed State Secretariat Round-about om Katsina Mani/Daura Road (under Katsina phase 6)
  Continuation of 6 Lane Ring Roads with solar street lights

2nd Round-about linking Katsina Township (GRA Roads) from Daura
  Continuation of new GRA Roads & Round-about (Work in Progress)
  The Kaita Road, end of Katsina Phase 6 Township Road under construction

Katsina Township Roads Phase 7 from Kaita to Jibia Road (recently awarded)
  2km Obasanjo drive to new GRA Round-about, Katsina
  Ring Road single carriage way (2 lane), Katsina Township

New Government House Loop Road, single carriage way (2 lane) in progress
  Obasanjo drive to Kaita road, Katsina
  700 metres Bayajidda road, GRA, Katsina

700 metres Goriba road, Katsina
  Mohammed Bello Way 600 metres single carriage way, GRA, Katsina
  Tayoyi to Rahamawa road (phase 5), Katsina

Abbattoir Rahamawa to Batsari Road, Katsina
Road to Turai Umaru Yar'adua Children & Maternity Hospital
Umaru Musa Yar'adua University dualized road

Road to Senate Building, Umaru Musa Yar'adua University, Katsina
Ring road of Umaru Musa Yar'adua University, Katsina
Road to Students Library, Umaru Musa Yar'adua University, Katsina

Road to Umaru Musa Yar'adua University Staff Quarters
Road to Students Hostel, Umaru Musa Yar'adua University
Arrival and Departure Halls of Katsina International Airport

Run way of Katsina International Airport (Single)
Run way of Katsina International Airport (Double)
Control Tower of Katsina International Airport

Dualization of 4.32km Daura Township Road
Dualization of 3.5km Kankia Township Road
The 3.4km Ingawa Township Roads Dualization

Kofar Yamma gate at Ingawa town in the Ingawa township roads dualization project
The dualized 5.3km Dutsinma Township Road
3.5km Mani Township Roads Dualization

9km Funtua Northern Bye-pass road under construction
Malumfashi Township Roads Dualization
34km Kurfi-Batsari Road (distance view)

The 42km Batsari-Jibia Road (distance view)
Birchi-Rawayau-Shema Road, recently awarded by Gov. Ibrahim Shehu Shema
Lambar Rimi-Rimi-Tsagero Road

Batagarawa-Tashar Bala Road
Musawa-Dangani-Mararraba Dan Ali Road under construction
43km Karfi-Kuringafa-Tsiga-Yarkasuwa Road

Starting point of Gora-Ketare-Kankara Road
Starting point of Malumfashi-Ketare Road
Yankara, Faskari, Maigora Mando Junction, 45km Road asphalted

Starting point of 34kms Mashi Bimin Kuka Road
Maiadua-Gwajo Gwajo-Yaryandi-Tsabu Road, under construction
Ingawa-Tunas-Jigawa State Boarder Road

Mani-Magami-Gewayau-Dutsi Road
Katsina State long distance buses to Lagos, Onitsha and Maiduguri, introduced to ease transportation difficulties
School Bus Service 48 Seater Coaster buses, 3 each for Funtua and Daura

A cross-section of the intercity buses purchased by Governor Ibrahim Shema for the State Transport Authority
  Some of the Car hire Services introduced by Governor Shema in the State


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