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Best Performing  Governor  In The History Of Nigeria Since 1960

Global Peace Movement International in its avowed quest and determination to highlight champions of democratic deliverables in Nigeria and across the world finds it of imperative option to present and identify with the positive effort of a true champion of democratic dividends to the people.

In recent times, the challenges associated with good governance and the delivering of the positive dividends of democracy to the electorates in Nigeria have become not only widespread and near acceptable, but has  also a source of concern and worry to all.

This is even more so, when emphasis and attention is given to the myriad of stories and information that ceaselessly emanates from the country about the vices and activities of some elected leaders, particularly state governors, about graft, corruption and under development that is brought about to the people, because of these negative vices.

However, in the midst of these economic chaos and rampant negative socio-political under-performance by many of the nations elected officials, a shining light and a true and present example of genuine leadership is emerging to the delight of all, including the Global Peace Movement International.

In northern Nigeria in particular, and the country in general, Alhaji Danjuma Goje, the governor of Gombe State is now being known and referred to as the “Governor amongst Governors”.

This title, by which His Excellency  Danjuma Goje is now known and called, was not earned on a platter of gold. Having judiciously utilized the very little resources that come the way of the state from the allocation of the federal government, Danjuma Goje is in the forefront of positively carving his name in the sand of time.

Firstly, it must be explicitly stated that Gombe is the state in Nigeria that receives the very least amount in terms of allocation that come from the federal government.

For a fact and for the records, between 1999 and 2007, Gombe State was ranked number 36(the very last of all the states) in the order by which the federal government allocates money to the state on a monthly basis.

This is also with the fact that as one of the newest states to be created in the country, the state virtually has no other source of revenue, even internally generated ones, as the vast area of the state is peopled by mostly humble and agrarian folks.

Nevertheless, with world class hospitals to meet the medical needs of the people, Gombe state has become a reference point for all in northern Nigeria and beyond in the way and manner health and related services are to be provided.

Governor Goje has also succeeded in making the provision of qualitative education to the people of the state a priority. This he has achieved through the establishment and equipping of a state university, construction and equipping of state of the art secondary and primary schools across the length of the state, and the paying of all external and internal examination fees for indigent students and pupils in the state.

A befitting and modern airport, alongside low cost houses in their thousands for both civil servants and residents of the state, are also among some the milestones that Goje has recorded as governor of Gombe.

Considering that the terrain, topography and environment of Gombe is a challenging one, with most parts of the state grounded in rocks and stones, the difficulty of such unfriendly environment have not deterred the governor from meeting and surpassing the expectations of the people of the state.

In the areas of road construction and urban development, the Gombe state governor has successfully initiated and completed over 800 kilometers of modern road in various parts of the state.

This effort of the governor in road construction has led to a massive rise in the fortunes of farmers and other economic contributors in the state, as they are now ably to move their produce more easily and affordably to the various points where they are needed.

When placed side by side with some of his colleagues governors, particularly those from the southern and oil rich parts of the country that have almost unlimited access to revenue, Governor Danjuma Goje’s achievements becomes more telling and pronounced, in the light of the resources he has had to work and develop the state with the meager resource available.

Finally, it remains the ever present intention of Global Peace Movement International, to consistently identify and give recognition and award to those that have performed in elected office or position as Governor Danjuma Goje of Gombe state has done, while at the same time highlight those that have not met up with the expectations of the electorate and for the people.

Global Peace Movement International
September 25th, 2010

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Approach View Of The Newly Constructed Primary Health Centre, Bojude
  Demonstration Room
  Physics Lab

Students In A Lecture Session At The School Of Nursing & Midwifery
  Computer Centre And Internet Cafe
  Agriculture: 91 Brand New Tractors Procured And Distributed To Individuals And Organization To Boost Agriculture

3 Nos. Heavy Duty High Lift Pump (800 Kilowatts)
  33 KVA Transformer, Connecting The Plant To The National Grid
  Gombe Regional Water Supply Scheme: An Arial View Of The Gombe Regional Water Supply Scheme. Treatment Plant. Currently Supplies Water To State Capital (Gombe) And 15 Other Towns And Villages

Highlift Backwash Control Panel (On The Right) And Electrical Control Panel (On The Left)
  6,400 sq.m. Tabra Hill Reservior Receiving Water Directly From The Treatment Plant, Dadin Kowa Is 40km Away From The Treatment Plant
  System Monitoring Panel

Some Of The 45 Solar Powered Boreholes Located In Towns And Villages Across The State
  Some Of The 45 Solar Powered Boreholes Located In Towns And Villages Across The State
  Some Of The 45 Solar Powered Boreholes Located In Towns And Villages Across The State

Tabra Hill Booster Station Control Panel (On The Left) And Tabra Hill Booster Pumps Pumping Water To The Upper Zone (Near House Of Assembly Juction) And For Lower Zone Near Min. Of Education Gra Gombe
Specialist Hospital Gombe: Microbiology Lab
Operating Theatre II

General Hospital Deba, One Of The 4 Newly Constructed General Hospitals (Others Are In Nafada, Talasse & Kashere)
General Hospital Deba, One Of The 4 Newly Constructed General Hospitals (Others Are In Nafada, Talasse & Kashere)
Diagnosis Lab, General Hospital Deba

Gombe State University: Front View Of The Gombe State University From The Main Entrance Gate, Showing The Senate Building At The Background
X-Ray Screening Machine At The Domestic Wing Of The Airport
Gombe State University Library

Inside The Library
Computer Centre & Internet Cafe
A Block Of Two Classrooms

Some Of The 700 Classrooms That Were Built And Furnished In The Primary And Junior Secondary School One Storey Building Of Six Classrooms
Arial View Of The Faculty Of Medicine And The Faculty Of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Under Consturction)
Approach View Of The Faculty Of Medicine And The Faculty Of Pharmaceutical Sciences

A Block Of Three Classrooms
Muslim Pilgrims Boarding Aircraft At The International Wing
Domestic Wing Of The Airport: Arik Aircraft Conducting Domestic Flights

X-Ray Machine, Genral Hospital Deba
Control Tower And Fire-Fighting Station
Jewel Hotel, Abuja

Jewel Hotel, Abuja
Fire-Fighting Service Station, Gombe Central Market
Gombe Township Roads: Tumfure New Liji Road

Gombe Township Roads: Tumfure New Liji Road
Gombe Township Roads: Tumfure New Liji Road
Gombe Township Roads: Tumfure New Liji Road

Dukku Water Scheme: 600,000 Litres Water Reservoir
Dukku Water Scheme: 33 KVA Transformer
Dukku Water Scheme: Heavy Duty High Lift Pumps, Pumping Water Directly From The 600,000 Litres Tanks To Dukku Town

Dukku Water Scheme: 300 KVA Stand-By Generator For 24 Hour Un-Interrupted Water Supply
Gombe State University: Main Gate
Medical Equipment Procured For The Newly Constructed Health Centres

Kashere General Hospital (Under Construction)
One Of The Lecture Halls In The School Of Nursing And Midwifery
Arial View Of A Cross Section Of The School Of Nursing And Midwifery

One Of The Hashidu Township Roads
It Used To Take Motorists That Are Familiar With The Hilly Tula Terrain Two Hours To Cover The 16km Mararraba Tula Road Prior To The Construction Of This Road. Now It Takes Only 15 Minutes
Tongo Township Road

One Of The Nafada Township Roads
Some Of The Dukku Township Roads
Some Of The Nafada Township Roads

3.3km Runway Of The Airport
Billiri Kashere Road
Ngaji Bauchi Daba Lubo Road

Tongo Tilde Bodor Road
Mararaba Kulani Degri (Under Construction)
Filiya Kushi Burak Banganje Road (Under Construction)

Newly Constructed Morom Bridge
Kumo Kembu Chilo Kunuwol Birdeka Kawawa Road (Under Construction)
Newly Constructed Bage Bridge

One Of The Deba Township Roads
One Of The 33 KVA Transformers For Rural Electrification
Some Of The Deba Township Roads


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