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Executive Governor of Gombe State, Nigeria

Considering that it has now become fashionable amongst political elites in Nigeria to lay claims to unsubstantiated democratic and economic gains, it become more expedient to bring into focus, the sustainable democratic gains that have been brought about by the government of Danjuma Goje in Gombe State.

In that regard, it is of note to mention that the water generation and supply system in Gombe State is second to none. The Gombe State government under Danjuma Goje has not only made the provision of this essential life commodity a free for in the state, farmers and other industrial users of water now cite the state as a modern example of how to irrigate farming fields for subsistence and commercial farming.

Indeed, so successful is the Gombe water project that former president of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo, during his visit to the state, not only commended the initiative, but also had to have it recommended to his own state government for subsequent implementation in Ogun State.

Again, it is instructive to note that the completed airport project in the state has continued to baffle all that has heard the story of what it took the state government to construct the airport.

Firstly, while the airport was completely conceptualized, initiated and built from the very scratch by the state government, same cannot be said of other states that have also built airports, since most of them already have some form of project on ground.

With the sum of less that N8billon, Danjuma Goje has made the airport the choice destination in the northern part of the country. The airport has been completed with a tower, lightning system, medical and emergency facilities, and all that truly makes for a world class airport, all at a cost observers and stakeholders insist other states and the federal government should go and learn from.

Gombe State is well known for its hard and difficult terrain. This challenge has not made the governor reneged on his promise to provide durable road network for the people of the state.

All areas, including the most difficult to travel now have an access road or two, and all previously impassable ones have become motorable,because the governor was, and still is determined to make the dividends of democracy readily available to all in the state and beyond.

That the Gombe State University has graduated its first sets of students is an eloquent testimony of Danjuma Goje’s commitment to lasting development through the provision of qualitative tertiary education to the people.

At the university, academic work, including the physical structures in place can without doubt, compete favourably with any one in any tertiary in the nation and beyond.

Students and staffs are provided with the most up to date learning and teaching facilities. All these have immensely contributed to the great strides the university has recorded, culminating in the recently held graduation of students from the university in various professional fields.

Governor Danjuma Goje has greatly succeeded in bringing about religion harmony in the state, through his unbiased commitment to supporting the causes of the major religions in the state.

It is on record that he is the only governor that has contributed more than 50 percent to the growth, programmes and development initiatives of all the religions in the state.

These whole achievements is all the more challenging to all, because the Gombe State government receives the least amount of money from the federal government on the allocation basis, thus other governors should go and understudy the government, and find out how he manages the state so efficiently and prudently.

However, the most striking thing about the Gombe State Governor and his government is the harmony and unity that exist within the administrative network in the state, particularly in the cabinet of the governor.

Independent research by the Global Peace Movement International revealed that there was not a single crack or division that exists anywhere within the government.

There is unity of purpose and objectives, and this probably accounts for the huge and positive developmental strides being recorded by the governor and his team.

Finally, let this achievements of the Gombe State Governor not only be a wake up call to other state chief executives in Nigeria to wake up to their elected responsibilities or be ready to face the consequences from the electorate, but also that all these recorded achievements by the governor and his team are all documented and subject to verifications and investigations from all local and international agencies.

Dr. Mike Uyi, President of Global Peace Movement International
September 27th, 2010

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