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The Governor With The Adaidaita Sahu Principle


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Delta 561,421,465,722.84 Kebbi 196,139,991,137.47
Akwa lbom 495,266,604,843.58 Ogun 195,378,106,884.06
Bayelsa 452,260,540,942.94 Kogi 195,125,198,336.31
Kano 370,935,172,516.81 FCT 193,927,632,752.09
Lagos 331,928,495,035.61 Cross River 190,394,175,888.13
Katsina 280,544,163,809.26 Anambra 183,439,623,354.30
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Jigawa 225,625,079,684.13 Ekiti 152,866,276,435.50
Benue 221,639,773,288.79 Ebonyi 149,606,220,047.59
Sokoto 214,300,345,320.76 Gombe 146,500,259,934.10
Osun 210,051,538,274.76 Nasarawa 145,006, 177,121.79
Adamawa 200,358,588,269.16    
    TOTAL 9,056,438,699,855.15
Ibrahim Shekarau

KANO State

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Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau needs little or no introduction to the millions of peace loving Nigerians and foreigners within and outside Nigeria.

As the Governor of arguably the largest and one of the most cosmopolitan and sophisticated states in Nigeria, this humble man has through dint of hard work, sincerity and honesty, been able to place Kano State, and by extension, Nigeria, in the map and consciousness of the members of the comity of nations, in the areas of sustainable development, integrity in governance, honesty in government policies, and a true sense of justice, fairness and equity for the people of the state and beyond.

In Kano State, and indeed the whole of the country and beyond, even critics and cynically minded individuals and groups, agree that Ibrahim Shekarau has demonstrated a rare ability that is uncommon amongst Nigerian leaders; past or present, by truly and sustainably setting in motion; and by laying a true, solid and sustainable foundation for national development, through a whollistic integrated and accelerated administration, alongside an enviable personal way of life.

It immensely pleases the Executive and Leadership of Global Peace Movement International from all over the world, to disclose that Kano State, which Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau has developed; and is still developing, is now nationally and globally regarded as a classic example of how peace; socio-religious understanding, tolerance, and integration can be brought to bear, when good men are in position of authority and leadership, as seen, and is still being seen from the Ibrahim Shekarau administration example in Kano State, a state that is nationally regarded as the most populated state in Nigeria.

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Since year 2003, when Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau joined politics and registered with the All Nigeria's People's Party (ANPP) to represent and salvage the interest of the masses, he has not looked back.

He belongs to the respected calibre of politicians that do not hop from party to party, and from groups to groups. His consistency and faith in the people has remained unshaken, with developmental strides in the state to show for it.

His past and present record of service is clean and unblemished. He convincingly defeated an incumbent governor of a political party ruling at the federal level in the state, to emerge the winner in the polls conducted on the 19th of April 2003.

Within his first term in office, having been sworn in and assumed office as Executive Governor on 29th May 2003, Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau has successfully restored the position of the state in the comity of nations and also amongst states in the country.

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Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau restored sanity to urban planning and management within and outside the state capital immediately he assumed office as Executive Governor.

He has been commended globally for his financially prudence, including the publication of monthly revenues and expenditures of the state.

Shekarau has made Kano State one of the few states in the country that has fully settled the entire outstanding pension to pensioners in the state, and is credited as the first governor in Nigeria to include non-indigenes of the state in his government, by appointing three non-indigenes as Special Advisers.

In the area of employment, Kano State under Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau has created job opportunities for hundreds of thousands of people, including medical doctors, nurses and paramedical staff.

Other achievements of the governor, though too numerous to mention, but which based on several opinion polls conducted within and outside the country include the establishment of women and social welfare ministry to speed up the rate of women and youth development in the state.

Shekarau has also successfully initiated the decongestion of prisons through review of cases. To his credit, prompt and regular payments of salaries, pensions and gratuities renovation of countless health centers, the initiation of mass-housing scheme with experts to undertake the supply of rural electricity to villages, are all now available in the state.

Ibrahim Shekarau has also been credited with sponsoring patients for medical treatment, the renovation of the Government House to its befitting status, the renovation of the Director of Press Office after 40 years of negligence, the donation of permanent orientation camp to NYSC in the state and the accreditation of all the thirteen academic programmes of Kano State University of Technology.

Even before Ibrahim Shekarau consulted with the people of the state and beyond on the need to consolidate on the first term, he had completed the provision of basic health equipments, including drugs in many health centers in the state, while increasing student's scholarship.

However, one of the actions that has made Ibrahim Shekarau the toast and example of all men of goodwill within and outside the state, is the settlement of N1billion debt inherited from other administrations.

That action was followed by the establishment of rural electrification management and state environmental board, and the establishment of project monitoring and evaluation directorate to enhance probity and accountability.

Ibrahim Shekarau is also known for the distribution of electric transformers to villages and the creation of enabling environment for growth of business in the state.

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After successfully completing his first term in office in 2007, Shekarau contested again in the governorship election held on 14th April 2007.

Against all the odds, Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau succeeded in demystifying the myth of second term for governors in Kano state, by getting re-elected in 2007; a feat never attained by any past civilian governor in the state since its creation in 1967.

On assumption of office, Ibrahim Shekarau set out agendas to achieve in the areas of security, education, housing, water supply, sustainable food-production, human development, health care delivery, economic empowerment, boosting of trade and industry, urban and rural developments, roads and environmental protection.

Today, Ibrahim Shekarau has not left any one in doubt in regards to the realization of these agendas as solid achievements are visible for all to see. These are achievements which will continue to stand the test of time and cannot be easily swept aside.

The establishment of Societal Reorientation Agency; (Adaidaitasahu)

Before the administration of Ibrahim Shekarau in the state, Kano used to be a hotbed for religious and cultural extremist.

Not so anymore. With Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau wisdom and foresight in the creation of the Agency for Societal Reorientation (Adaidaitasahu), the state has now become a reference point for peace and tolerance.

Moreso, the tact, maturity and integrity with which Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau handled the Pfizer case involving some citizens of his state, is an indication of the tact, wisdom and maturity with which he will handle presidential responsibilities when the time comes.

Added to that, is the fact that he is the only serving governor in contention for the presidency. This in itself is an indication of the high esteem in which he is help, and the respect he commands even amongst his own peers.

As a national figure and politician that symbolizes discipline, prudence and commitment to noble cause, even the governor of Ondo state, Mr. Olusegun Mimiko recently commended Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau, insisting that much as he cannot be disqualified, he also remains the best candidate for the presidency.

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The team of local and international observers, led by the President of GPM International that visited and verified these completed projects.


arrowDr. Mike Uyi, President Global Peace Movement International
arrowDr. Dan Egos
arrowMr. Geno Giriakov
arrowMr. Benson Ander
arrowMr. Macpherson Alan
arrowDr. Gab Evo
arrowMs. Libiya Akinwunmi
arrowMr. Meshack Idehen
arrowDr. Mrs. Sharon Monike


arrowChecking out social corruption through the State Censor's board
arrowCreation of employment opportunity in the civil service
arrowRehabilitation of roads in Sabon Gari areas
arrowEnhancement of human development drive
arrowProvision of adequate fertilizer and subsidies to farmers
arrowRehabilitation of ten roads about within the metropolis
arrowSuccessful conduct of the local government election
arrowInitiation of independent Power Plant (IPP) project
arrowRehabilitation of rusted water pipes
arrowRehabilitation of rural and urban roads leading to urban renewal
arrowEstablishment of hand Commission
arrowIntroduction of dress code in schools
arrowEstablishment of anti-corruption agency in the state


arrowProvision of working tools to security outfits in the state
arrowEstablishment of Hisbah guards and commission to protect the citizens and residents
arrowFreedom of expression, movement and association
arrowEnhanced the status of traditional rulers and teachers in the state
arrowSponsoring of indigent students abroad for further studies. Free feeding for the less privileged
arrowTrade conflict resolutions in the state
arrowAbolition of hospital cards
arrowEstablishment of urology centre
arrowSitting of new singer Market
arrowDistribution of laptops to secondary teachers and members of the State Government House Press
arrowRenovation of General Hospitals in the state
arrowPromotion of Corporate Social Responsibility
arrowHosting the first Kano Business submit

However, it must be explicitly stated that to most international observers that participated in the assessment, making even the most conservative of Kano Muslims and residents to embrace the immunization programme for children under the age of 5 years, and to consider sending them to schools, may be considered as a feat to reckon with, and one of the biggest achievements of Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau.

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It should be noted and placed on record that based on the investigation and assessment of various projects in the state, by the Executive and Leadership of Global Peace Movement International, it was discovered that all these projects and achievements by Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau in Kano State are all verifiable and completed projected.

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To discerning minds, Ibrahim Shekarau will most sincerely bring the Midas touch he has used in developing and sustaining Kano state, into the development and sustenance of Nigeria at the National level.

With one of the lowest federal allocation and with 44 local councils to cater for in the state, there is no doubt whatsoever that Ibrahim Shekarau will be able to take Nigeria to the desired destination.

Also, based on the statistics received on the conduct of a survey by Global Peace Movement International, it was discovered that over 14.8 million eligible Nigerian voters in 12 states from the South East and South West where the survey was done agree that Ibrahim Shekarau is eminent qualified to become the President of Nigeria.

Some of the respondents explained that it is very possible that being a good, honest and hardworking governor of the Largest and most cosmopolitan state will translate into a good, honest and hardworking president of a diverse and secular society like Nigeria.

Therefore, Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau, as he is been honored today, deserves commendation accolades and praises, even from his fellow politicians and co-presidential aspirants.

Global Peace Movement International can confirm that Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau has done far better than his counterparts across the country, and is the best candidate today in the race to occupy Aso Rock as president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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