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From the UNITED KINGDOM between Monday, Feb 25th and Friday, Mar 1st, 2013.

Governor Godswill Akpabio - REVOLUTIONARY Governor  of Akwa Ibom State of NigeriaLed by its President General, who is also the Leader of Nigerians in England and Wales, Dr. Mike Uyi, the fact finding, assessment and visitation mission to Akwa lbom state, Nigeria by Global Peace Movement International United Kingdom, will remain an indelible reference by our organization and its affiliates to the power and place of vision, focus and commitment by any leader in Nigeria and on the African continent in the quest towards building an enduring platform that will forever and positively transform the destiny of a people.

Coming from London for the visit to Akwa lbom state, and with the mindset of some low level achievements being blown out of proportion as is quite common with many state and national leaders in Africa, nay even Nigeria, all members of the visiting team were positively taken aback in no small measure by the level of sustainable physical and socio economic development that the state has witnessed and still witnessing within the period of the current leadership in the state.

Thus, it is in that regard and so much more, that Global Peace Movement International, and its partners; including Transparency International (UK), make bold to state here in this report being presented for domestic and global documentation and acknowledgement, that it is evident a great level of hope has been rekindled not just for the people of Akwa lbom state, but also for the people of Nigeria and beyond.

This great hope is rekindled in the sense that something very good can, and has indeed come out of Nigeria through Akwa lbom state, considering the unmatched and unprecedented strides in development and transformation as championed by His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Akwa lbom state, Dr. Goodswill Akpabio.

While it now clearly certain that Global Peace Movement International and its affiliates will immediately commence the process of making adequate recommendations to Transparency International and other international agencies focused on human rights and development about the uncommon transformation that is taking place in the state and its environs at an aggressive pace; alongside reaching out with the Akwa lbom experience and examples to partners in other nations of the world, it also behooves on Global Peace Movement International, due to its antecedents as a critical and focused human rights and socio developmental organisation, to highlight though in briefs, few of the developmental strides witnessed first hand by the visiting team from London.

The challenge in this aspect is actually where to commence from, what with the countless completed and ongoing mega projects in the state that have all been thoughtfully located without any form of bias or partisan considerations.

In the state projects, large and small are cited without discrimination or political affiliations, so long as such projects will be of benefit the vast majority of the people.

From healthcare provision to roads, and infrastructural development to manpower and capacity building, Governor Akpabio has set a precedence that those coming after him even beyond the state level will find hard to surpass.


Firstly and primarily in Dr. Godswill Akpabio's Akwa lbom state, there is a concerted, focused, very well organized and well thought out plans to make the state the bedrock of the Nigerian, nay African economies in the very near future, and to make the state the center of the emerging billion dollar business hub of the Gulf of Guinea.

This futuristic plans as unfolded; coupled and with the realities on the ground shows a state that the state is purposefully led; wisely utilizing not only the providence of nature, including the lbaka Deep Sea Port which has a deeper draught than that of all the existing seaports in Nigeria and which has been earmarked by the Governor as one of the sustainable assets of the state and country, but the plans becomes real and comes to life with the Governor also having the foresight to embark and complete a massive network of high quality dual express ways to facilitate trade and development in anticipation of full commencement of activities at the seaport.

Knowing and understanding the power and place of education, particularly early education, free and compulsory education policy as a policy has been initiated and sustained by Governor Godswill Akpabio for Akwa lbom children of school age, in order to enable them go to school free from primary to senior secondary school levels. The provision of a conductive learning environment in schools which meet those of many developed nations of the world are clearly a priority of the state which is visible for all to see.

The lbom E-LIBRARY is a wonder to behold and a first class facility that beats many in the developed nations. A tour of the facility by Global Peace Movement team and those from the British Broadcasting Corporation can best be seen than described. With the E-Library facility alone, it is clear that the state scored a big first much ahead of all his contemporaries put together.

Education aside, the Governor has in the area of opening up roads for rural areas development ensured that various major roads numbering over 250 and covering more than 900km have been constructed with constructed paved and asphalted roads across the state.

The zero tolerance for potholes on the roads as is common with most Nigerian and African cities is an initiative that must be emulated and commended, as not a single pothole was see during the course of the visit, including during visits and assessment to other major towns and cities in the state, like lkot Abasi, lkot Ekpene, Eket, Oron and many other.

However, most inspiring are the construction four major flyover within and around the state. As massive as these flyovers are, it is instructive to note that they were entirely done by the state without any form of external support.

The immediate and long term socio economic benefits of these great investments though yet to be determined by experts sure must run into billions of dollars.

Eye-catching and pleasantly surprising are the urban renewal initiatives of the Governor. The Global Peace Movement International team witnessed the Installation of modern digital traffic lights all over the state, alongside the dual carriage ways for all roads into the state capital and the with flyovers construction meat to ease traffic.

The achievements are endless. Ongoing still, is the construction of a world class thousands of seaters' capacity stadium. The project as at the time the team visited was nearing completion, and there is great joy and speculation in the state, because many resident are hopeful that football matches involving the national team may even be played there as early as next year.

In the area of health provision for the people, unprecedented revolution has been witnessed, hospitals and health centers have been constructed even in far flung rural areas, and equipments have been procured, alongside adequate manpower that have been sources trained and retained for the purpose.

However, the ongoing construction of what can be termed the best teaching and referral hospital in the country and in the region took the visiting team with surprise. So massive is the hospital, and so well equipped are the proposed facilities it includes a helipad for bringing in emergency patients.

In the same vein, Governor Akpabio has also vigorously tackled the housing needs of the people with thousands of housing units having been constructed with many more thousand still been constructed. In the state housing is not a challenge as it also is with many Nigerian states.


The Akwa lborn International Airport which has quickly become the hub for business and leisure in the West African coast, and which is also attributable to the Governors effort remains a major achievement that team saw in the state.

With several flights now coming into the state on a daily basis for a state that was barely recognizable few years ago, the transformation that the state has witnesses under its present leadership becomes clearer.

The Governor is highly commended in this aspect, moreso, as the Global Peace Movement International Team also witnessed the fast approaching completion of the runway at the airport that can take and accommodate very large aircrafts.

The lbom Tropicana is a mystery to the world. Patterned after the Bluewaters in London, only a visit to the place can convince anyone such facility is located in Africa, not to mention Uyo in Akwa lbom state.

Meant to drive and promote tourism which is one of the greatest revenue earners in the world today and which potentials abound in the state, there is also the Le Meridien lbom 5 Star Hotel and Golf Resort beside the lbom Tropicana entertainment centre.

In the area of agriculture and food production which the state is well known for, and which a majority of the people of the state are involved in have also the visiting team saw that enabling environment to ensure availability of adequate and affordable food security, supply of agro-based raw materials for industry, generation of employment, creation of wealth have been provided. There is a high level of contentment amongst the people of the state, while in the same vein, commerce and industry has been given its pride of place with the identification of raw materials available in the different local government areas of the State through a resource survey that has already been concluded.

There is no challenge of adequate supply of portable water supply in the state. Water supply, Information communications and other life enhancement programmes, including manpower development crucial for the growth and sustainability have all received adequate attention as attested to by the over one hundred individuals and groups independently interviewed and spoken to by the visiting team.

Gender equity also occupies a pride of place in the state, as Governor Akpabio has remained committed to ameliorating the living conditions of the people of the State, while giving special attention to the vulnerable groups in the society consisting of the women, children, the aged as well as the socially disadvantaged.


Perhaps, the most impressive of the several projects assessed by the team is the lborn Power Plant, a facility that has put to shame, the notion that adequate and sustainable power supply cannot be provided cheaply for the vast majority of the people.

Currently generating close to two hundred megawatts of electricity, the facility is a testament to the vision and foresight of Governor Godswill Akpabio belief in the capacity of the state to set an example that others can emulate.

On this point, it is recommended that other states in Nigeria and even the Federal Government take a cue from the state in how it is operating its independent power plant, in order to boost the generation and distribution of electricity in Nigeria. The lbom Power Plant Project has contributed in no small measure to the development of the state.


Having previously visited the state in 2007, Global Peace Movement International can only but marvel at the aggressive and wonderful transformation that has occurred in the state within such a short period that the present leadership has been in place.

Thanks to and with compliments of state officials led by the ever conscious Commissioner for Information, Hon. Aniekan Umanah, graphical pictures and videos were presented to the Global Peace Movement International Team of what the state used to be until the coming of the present leadership in the state.

All these taken together, the President of Global peace Movement International, Dr. Mike Uyi, extends commendation to the governor on these achievements, moreso with the prudence and foresight in the management of the state's resources; human and material.

Furthermore, Governor Godswill Akpabio open mindedness in conducting the affairs of state and family, coupled with the aggression and tenacity with which he is determined to banish poverty from his country and eliminate the scourge of perpetual underdevelopment amongst people within and outside his environment despite the myriads of challenges associated with such noble pursuits has brought him to the attention of leading international organizations.

Global Peace Movement International having critically examined all what is on ground in the state that are attributable to the leadership is firmly of the opinion that the achievements of Governor Godswill Akpabio surpasses what others before him has done or achieved either at state or national levels in making lives more meaningful for the people and residents of the state.


The description of His Excellency, Governor Godswill Akpabio as a revolutionary and progressive who is widely considered by many as Africa's most progressive and development oriented public office holder; and to a large extent, Nigeria's most prolific and development oriented state governor fit the description of Global Peace Movement International.

From what our team saw during the visit, it clear by a long stretch, that what Governor Akpabio has achieved within his period in office, is much more lasting, sustainable and meaningful when placed side by side what all the governor in parts of Nigeria put together has been able to achieve.

Thus, having consulted widely with the leadership and congress of Global Peace Movement International at local and international levels, it was agreed that a COMBINED AWARD FOR PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT be awarded to the Governor in London United Kingdom for the year 2013.

Thus, while we extend our congratulations to His Excellency, Global Peace Movement International urges that the good work be kept up, as there is a large room awaiting high quality performers at national and international levels.

Dr. Mike Uyi,
President General,
Global Peace Movement International,
London, UK.

Feb 25th - Mar 1st, 2013

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Governor AkpabioI am impressed with the infrastructure development here in Akwa lbom State. This governor is doing well and this state is making progress, progress and progress.
Ron Kenoly
International gospel artiste

Akwa lbom state under the Akpabio leadership is certainly a role model in development. It is important that we have a reference point. This state is a source of inspiration.
Ken Nnamani
former Senate President

If it were possible to borrow governors to other states, I would have requested that Akpabio be released to certain states in the federation. You have done extremely well with the resources available to you.
President Olusegun Obasanjo, GCFR

The kind of development shave seen here in Akwa lbom State, if other states will follow this model there will be peace in the country.
General Abdulsalami Abubakar (Rtd)
former Head of State

What is happening here under the dynamic leadership of Gov. Akpabio shows it can be done.
His Excellency, Chief Ojo Maduekwe
Nigerian Ambassador to Canada

Free education. good roads, great I can tell you the spirit of Obaferni Awolowo has reincarnated here in Akwa lborn State.
Most Reverend Ole Makinde
Prelate Methodist Church of Nigeria

This is one governor that does not play politics with infrastructure.
President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

Governor AkpabioI can see transformation in action, fantastic environment, this is state of the art, a fantastic working environment. Futuristic.
John Macrea
EU Ambassador

The fact of the matters: if the state governors have performed the way Akpahio have, maybe we would not be talking of Boko Haram today.
Senator David Mark
Senate President

I have been coming to Uyo regularly but this time that I have come I find the city very clean and I think it relates to the good works of the governor.
Chief Bisi Akande
National Chairman Action Congress of Nigeria

We came in here and we can see a lot of infrastructure development. I heard some of my colleagues asking "is this not Nigeria?" Because they can see things which are not in their own states.
Smart Adeyemi

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Governor Godswill Akpabio was recently honoured for his unparalleled contributions to the development of society during the Lifetime Achievement Prize 2012 in Nairobi, Kenya. Below are some of the pictures from the event.

Governor Godswill Akpabio (centre) displays his award; to his right is the Vice President of Kenya Stephen Kalonzon Musyoka and to his left is the President of the African Prize Foundation
  Governor Godswill Akpabio (3rd from left); wife of late Ghanian President, Mrs. Ernestina Altah Mils; and 2nd left is the former Zambian President, Mr. Rupiah Banda
  Governor Godswill Akpabio responding to questions at the award ceremony

Governor Godswill Akpabio in a handshake with the former Zambian President, Mr. Rupiah Banda
  Governor Godswill Akpabio with the Chairman DSTV Africa and co-awardee, Mr. Molo Latele at the breakfast meeting
  Governor Godswill Akpabio presenting an award to Kamleash Patlee




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President Goodluck Jonathan, on the 7th of January, 2013, led a powerful delegation of Nigerians to the inauguration of Ghanaian President, John Mahama. In the entourage was  Governor Akpabio who also attended the event in his capacity as lifetime Africa Achievement Prize laurete. Below are photograph from the event.

President John Dramani Mahama of Ghana taking the oath of office during his swearing-in ceremony
  President Jonathan of Nigeria congratulating Ghanaian President, John Mahama shortly after his swearing-in ceremony
  President Goodluck Jonathan (right) in a handshake with Gov. Godswill Akpabio (middle), Gov. Dankwambo (left) at Accra airport when the President arrived Ghana for the swearing-in of President Mahama

(left-to-right) President Boni Yayi of the Benin Republic exchanging pleasantries with Governor Godswill Akpabio while Gov. Dankwambo of Gombe watches at the inauguration of President Mahama of Ghana in Accra
  (left-to-right) Gov. Akpabio, Kenyan VP, Dr. Stephen Kolunzo Musyoka with Sudanese President, Omar Al-Bashir at the inauguration of President Mahama of Ghana in Accra


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On 23rd September 1987, God granted the people of Akwa !bom State, their age-long desire for a distinct political entity. This came after decades of struggles. The creation of the state on 23rd September 1987 necessitated the establishment of governance and administrative structures. From the pioneer administration of Col. Tunde Ogbeha in 1987, to the present leadership of the state by Chief (Dr.) Godswill Akpabio, CON, Akwa lbom, the nation's 21st State, has faced challenges of development. What is now generally accepted as the dream state and the notion's preferred destination is the outcome of the efforts of the various leaders to decisively face the challenges of history leading to the uncomm transformation witnessed during the past 5 1/2 years.

Col. Tunde Ogbeha (1987-1988)
Col. Tunde Ogbeha
Col. Godwin. O Abbe (1988-1990)
Col. Godwin. O Abbe
Wing. Cdr. Idongesit Nkanga (1990-1992)
Wing. Cdr. Idongesit Nkanga
Obong Akpan Isemin (1992-1993)
Obong Akpan Isemin
Lt. Col. Yakubu Bako (1993-1996)
Lt. Col. Yakubu Bako
Capt. (NN) Joseph Adeusi (1996-1998)
Capt. (NN) Joseph Adeusi
Group Capt. John Ebiye (1998-1999)
Group Capt. John Ebiye
Arc (Obong) Victor Attah (1999-2007)
Arc (Obong) Victor Attah
Barr. Godswill Akpabio (Since 2007)
Barr. Godswill Akpabio
(Since 2007)

Through proper harnessing and coordination of the activities of ministries and agencies, the governor Akpabio-led administration has recorded tremendous achievements in various sectors. Highlights of the sectoral achievements are as follows:


One of the greatest legacies Governor Godswill Akpabio has bequeathed to the people of Akwa Ibom State is the free and compulsory education policy.

Under this policy, Akwa lbom children of school age go to school free from primary to senior secondary school level. In addition to free tuition, the state pays a subvention of N100 per primary school pupil per term and N300 per secondary school student per term to cater for logistics and administrative expenses.

Also, Governor Akpabio has ensured the provision of a conducive learning environment in schools for through massive rehabilitation and reconstruction of classroom blocks, provision of science and laboratory equipment, construction of hostels and supply of desks etc. Other achievements are:

  • Payment of SSCE fees for all students in public secondary schools
  • Payment of NABTEB fees for all students in Public Technical Colleges
  • Procurement and distribution of science equipment and materials to public secondary schools
  • Implementation of the 27.5% new TSS for teachers
  • Payment of grant to law students, pre-medical and medical students
  • Provision of laptops to all law students in the 2008/2009 batch of the Nigeria Law School
  • Provision of facilities/construction of internal roads in the University of Uyo, Akwa lbomn State University and the Polytechnic lkot Osurua
  • Construction of an e-library in the State to serve as a reference centre for researchers and set the stage for the growth of virtual education
  • Provision of free text books in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Integrated Science (200,000 each)
Independence High School, Ukana
Independence High School, Ukana
The Gains of Free and Compulsory Education
The Gains of Free and Compulsory Education


The lbom Power Plant Project (IPP), incorporated in 2001 as a special purpose company by the Akwa lbom Investment Promotions Council (AKIIPOC), the investment arm of the Akwa lbom State Government, has signed a 20-year agreement with Nigeria Gas Company, for the supply of gas.

To achieve its objective, the Akpabio-led administration has completed the power plant project to enable the state to reap from the huge investment. According to Governor Akpabio, the lbom Power Plant "occupies a strategic position in the quest of the government to fast-track the multi-faceted developmental strides of the State."

The lbom Power Plant located at lkot Abasi, about 65 km from Uyo, the State capital, is adjacent to the Aluminum Smelter Company (ALSCON). The plant will generate megawatts of power and is being implemented in two phases. Phase 1 will have a capacity of MW while Phase 2 will be MW.

The plant is to enhance power generation in the South-South region of Nigeria through the existing national grid and to provide the much-needed uninterrupted power supply to existing and future industries in the State and in the region. The plant will be the catalyst for industrialization of the State. The project is driven by AKIIPOC, the State's investment arm, has achieved the following:

  • Signed a Power Purchase Agreement with the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN);
  • Got federal guaranty for payment by the Federal Ministry of Finance;
  • Signed support Agreement with the Federal Ministry of Power and Steel;
  • Obtained relevant environmental permits from the federal government which already granted relevant licenses to AKIIPOC to start generating power.
Ibom Power Plant
  Gov. Godswill Akpabio Launches Operation Thunder, a Joint Task Force outfit in Uyo

New Judiciary Complex
  House of Assembly Complex

In his acceptance speech, the Honourable Speaker said the 26-member House would run a peoples' assembly, determined to protect democracy in the state. That, he explained would ensure efficient delivery of democracy dividends to the people. So far, the State House of Assembly has passed 24 bills into law.

  • Child Rights Bill 2008
  • Appropriation Bill 2009
  • Akwa lbom State Agency for Community and Social Development Establishment Bill
  • State Joint Local Government Account Bill 2009
  • Akwa lbom State Internal Security and Enforcement Bill 2009
  • Local Government (Administration) Amendment Bill 2009
  • Supplementary Appropriation Bill 2009
  • Akwa lbom State University Bill 2009
  • Appropriation Bill 2010
  • 1st & 2nd Supplementary Appropriation Bill, 2010
  • Uyo Capital City Motorcycle (Prohibition) Bill, 2011
  • Criminal Procedure (Amendment) Bill, 2011
  • Appropriation Bill 2012
That Akwa lbom State today stands out as a model state in Nigeria's democratic governance is largely due to the visionary and pragmatic leadership style of Governor Godswill Akpabio. It is therefore not surprising that the once neglected state is now the emerging tourists' destination. The citizenry have now found a more dignified place in the Nigerian society that before now, only engaged her youths as house-helps. Clearly, the labours of the founding fathers have not been in vain.

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To effectively supervise and ensure the successful implementation of mega projects in the State, the Akpabio administration re- energized the Ministry of Special Dunes to oversee the execution of some projects, among them the Akwa lbom International Airport, AKIA and the ibom Tropicana Entertainment Centre.

The Akwa thorn International Airport, AKIS'cis one of the landmark projects of the administration. Since the successful landing of the maiden flight at the airport on September 23, 2009, and commencement of daily flight schedules in December of the same year, the Akwa lborn International Airport has become the fastest growing airport in the country, recording about 500 000 passenger traffic since commencement of operations. Other achievements in relation to the airport include: completion of the Interim Domestic Terminal, IDT, for commercial operations; 100 per cent installation of air rescue and fire fighting facility status; installation of a bomb-detective/body screening machine; due diligence test for the operation of Virgin Nigeria at the airport; near completion of the National Hanger/Maintenance-Repair-Overhaul, MRO facilities and; on-going execution of N18b contract for the permanent terminal building.

lbom Tropicana Entertainment Centre is another very important project of the Administration. Conceived to impact positively on the socioeconomic lives of the people of the State the centre, which will boost the structural landscape of Akwa lbom, has been created in the image of Sun City of South Africa and the famous Disney Land in Orlando. Florida, USA. The centre is a revenue generating outlet of government which will also create job opportunities for thousands of unemployed youths in the State. The multi-billion naira centre, which has commenced operation in some sections, sits on a landmass of 82 hectares and will have the following facilities: a shopping mall with 59 standard shops and two bank service corridors; cineplex which houses six screen cinema halls with a seat capacity of 1030 already in operation; an ultra-modern convention centre with a multi-floor capacity of 5000; a 15-storey five star hotel with 250 exquisite rooms; a Theme Park with various dry and wet rides and other attractions, covering an area of three hectares.


The present administration has geared efforts to meet and compete favourably with its counterparts globally, in the development of science and technology. Avenues employed by government in this regard include: sponsorship of Akwa lbom indigenes for ICT training in Canada and other foreign countries to enhance human capacity; creation of information and awareness for science and technology through international conferences and workshops; organization of Science and Technology Summit in the State and; sponsorship of yearly science and technology fairs and exhibitions to showcase local industrialists, entrepreneurs, engineers and technologists as well as their inventions and products.


  Aka road by IBB junction

Governor's lodje
  Aerial view of the Akwa Ibom International Airport


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