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Widely considered by many as Africa's most progressive and development oriented public office holder; and to a large extent, Nigeria's most prolific and development oriented state governor, Chief Godswill Akpabio destination as an international leader of no mean repute is not in any doubt.

Furthermore, Governor Akpabio open mindedness in conducting the affairs of state and family, coupled with the aggression and tenacity with which he is determined to banish poverty from his country and eliminate the scourge of perpetual underdevelopment amongst people within and outside his environment despite the myriads of challenges associated with such noble pursuits has brought him to the attention of leading international organisations. Global Peace Movement International based in London, England has also seen the positive strides of the Governor of Akwa lbom State, Nigeria.

Thus, as events unfolds, keeping in mind the constantly evolving and dynamic socio political situation in Nigeria and on the African continent, it behoves on Global Peace Movement International; an organisation known globally as a force to reckon with in human rights socio-economic development advancement, to beam its searchlight of the commendable programmes and developmental initiatives of Governor Godswill Akpabio, with the objective of showcasing such high quality leadership skills from Nigeria and Africa to the world, through the platform, instrumentality and reach of Global Peace Movement International.


Historically, and unwaveringly committed to its clearly defined purpose and objectives, Global Peace Movement International remains an organisation that remains married to its avowed quest and determination to constantly pursue and highlight the virtues of sustainable and unusual developmental strides; good governance and the delivery of positive democratic dividend in Africa and across the world.

More so, eggheads from various continents who are members of Global Peace Movement International having critically examined what some candidates for recognition has been able to do or achieve in Nigeria, are firmly of the opinion that the case of Governor Akpabio surpasses what others before him has done or achieved either at state or national level in making lives more meaningful for the people and residents of the state.

Taken together, it is to the credit of this beneficiary that he is noted in his place of service by the organisation, considering that Global Peace Movement International is known for its high, unyielding and uncompromising stance towards the shenanigans and manipulations that the Nigerian polity and economy has sadly become. Thus, it becomes surprisingly pleasant to witness first hand, the progressive and developmental efforts of an individual in public and elected office that has totally puts to shame the held notion of Nigeria and its leaders of underperformance, graft and corruption in high and low places.


Governor Godswill Akpabio progressive and development strides have been recorded and clearly visible on all fronts. Innovations and the need to make life exceptionally meaningful for the people has been given a newer and stronger pride of place with what the governor has done and still doing, with the people of the state and beyond now seeing and receiving the deliverables of democracy that they never thought possible before now.

These developmental dividends by Governor Akpabio are also sustainable and long lasting; a fact critical to creating and leaving everlasting legacies, hence the recent recognition in Nairobi, Kenya, where he harped on the driving force responsible for development that has made him a beacon hope for the continent did come as a surprise to those that have been following his achievements.

It is in that the Global Peace Movement International, while recognising Godswill Akpabio, also highlights briefly some of the lasting legacies that justified this recognition.


For the Architect of the new Akwa Ibom, as an analyst chose to call the governor, the challenge of leadership is to be strong, but not rude; be kind, but not weak; be bold, but not bully; be thoughtful. A thoughtful leader, Akpabio anger to turn the people around for good through his policies and action is amazing.

Akpabio's approach to governance has been bold, decisive, and methodical, leaving no one in doubt that he is in a hurry to transform the state and the country.

Sharing Global Peace Movement International strong belief that education plays a vital role in the development of a people, Governor Akpabio's critical and long lasting investments in education has caught national and global attention.

Free and compulsory education policy is a policy initiated and sustained by Governor Akpabio for Akwa Ibom children of school age go to school free from primary to senior secondary school levels. Governor Akpabio has ensured the provision of a conductive learning environment in schools.

In the area of opening up roads for rural areas development, various major roads, over 250 roads covering more than 900km have been constructed with constructed paved and asphalted roads across the State. More eye-catching and surprising is the urban renewal initiatives of the Governor. There has been Installation of modern digital traffic lights all over the state, dual carriage ways for all roads into the state capital with Flyovers construction to ease traffic.

Agriculture which majority of the people of the state are involved in have also received attention. Enabling environment to ensure availability of adequate and affordable food security, supply of agro-based raw materials for industry, generation of employment, creation of wealth and economic emancipation of the people have all been provided, with huge resources expended to ensure success of what is being witnessed presently. The Governor has also put in place numerous programmes to boost revenue generation and wealth creation for all categories of people in the State through the state internal revenue service.

In the area of health provision for the people, unprecedented revolution has been witnessed, hospitals and health centres have been constructed even in far flung rural areas, and equipments have been procured, alongside adequate manpower that have been source trained and retained for the purpose.

Governor Akpabio has vigorously tackled the housing needs of the people. Thousands of housing units have been constructed with many more thousand being constructed.

Committed always to gender equity, Governor Akpabio has remained committed to ameliorating the living conditions of the people of the State. Special attention is given to the vulnerable groups in the society consisting of the women, children, the aged as well as the socially disadvantaged.

In the same vein, commerce and industry has been given its pride of place, he has worked toward the identification of raw materials available in the different local government areas of the State, through a resource survey already.

Tourism which is one of the greatest revenue earners in the world today has received attention from the governor. At present expansion work at Le Meridien Ibom 5 Star Hotel and Golf Resort, the construction of a multi-million lbom Tropicana entertainment centre, complete with all the equipments have all been brought in.

Water supply, Information communications, life enhancement programmes, Manpower development which is very crucial for the growth and sustainability of any organized structure as well as an administrative machinery, science and technology which is a perequisite in the present dispensation, as well as of youths and sports development issues have all received proper and undiluted attention from Governor Akpabio. These are all developmental strides that Global Peace Movement is aware of.

The Akwa lbom International Airport which is fast becoming the hub for business and leisure in the West African coast is also attributable to the Governors effort, with several flights now coming into the state on a daily basis.

In the power sector, the Ibom Power Plant Project (IPP), has contributed in no small measure to the development of the state.

Dr. Mike Uyi,
President General,
Global Peace Movement International,
London, UK.

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