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In Nigeria, the revolution of positive development and sustainable empowerment of the people of Jigawa State, and by extension, the people of northern Nigeria is inspiring many to wonder who is behind these developmental strides that have never before been witnessed in Nigeria or in a sub Saharan nation.

To many observing, knowledgeable and discerning stakeholders in the Nigerian projects, it is no wonder that a two time Nigerian president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, was quoted recently in Nigeria as saying that the soft spoken and progressive Governor Sule Lamido of Jigawa State, is a possible human resource material for the presidency of Nigeria; considering the magic that Sule Lamido is doing with the very meagre amount he gets from the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Sadly however, that same level of high quality performance in public administration and the unflinching commitment to progressive ideals of Governor Sule Lamido of Jigawa State cannot be said to be seen in other states of the federation in Nigeria,whatwith the lacklustre performance that have come to characterise public administration in Nigeria and most African states.

It is that regard, that Global Peace Movement International is compelled to look closely at some of the developmental projects that have been initiated and completed by the Governor Sule Lamido led administration in Jigawa State, coupled with the sustainable empowerment of the people, which even his critics has admitted is historical and unprecedented in the development annals of the state and the region.


For the Jigawa State Governor, Dr. Sule Lamido, the people come first, irrespective of the situation of the finances and material wherewithal of the state at any point in time, or whatever politically engineered challenges the leadership is facing. Not too long ago, the World Bank disclosed that about 70 million Nigerian adults are poor, while Jigawa is the poorest state in the country.

The analysis by the World Bank has since been overtaken by progressive event.  Since Dr. Sule Lamido took the baton of leadership in the state, there has been a continued upward swing in the physical, social and material status of the people of Jigawa State.

With projects that are meticulously planned and executed to better the lives of those within and outside the state initiated; either ongoing or fully  completed, and  dotting the state’s vast landscape, even  Global Peace Movement International which is an international organisation known the world over for its critical assessment of public office holders and their activities, have to admit that the Governor Sule Lamido has performed excellently and well beyond the expectation of all, and surpass the aspirations of his people and the region.

Taken together and even more poignant for Jigawa state, is that a state that was constantly classified based on all development indices in the not too distant past as the poorest state on Nigeria based  on account of zero-development tangibles, appears to have changed completely. Leadership is indeed a responsibility that should not be frittered away. Dr. Sule Lamido, the Governor of Jigawa has chosen to opt for responsible leadership with massive achievements to show for it.


The Talakawa Summit for example which is a peculiar programme designed by Dr. Lamido and his government to tackle poverty in a way different from any of its kind in Nigeria is unique and already noted continent wide, for its great success in peoples empowerment.

Furthermore, newly constructed roads are all over the state, all traceable to the ingenuity of the Sule Lamido administration. Stakeholders and observers indeed agree that a new city in Dutse, the state capital has emerged in all ramifications of the word city. For instance, the location of the three arms-zones which includes the state’s Judiciary, the bureaucracy and civil service are all located within the same district n the city; an innovation that some people within and outside the state told Global Peace Movement International executives that visited the state on a fact finding mission, can compete favourably with Abuja, the Nigerian capital own three- arms zone.

Still on infrastructural development by Governor Sule Lamido, it is worth nothing that most parts of the various districts within Dutse city in particular and the state in general is paved with good road network and streetlights. Flowers beautifications are up and all over the city to the delight of residents and tourists that visits the state monthly in large numbers.

Diverting towards healthcare, Global Peace Movement International executives observed that the Rasheed Shekoni Hospital which was started in 1996 by the then military administrator has been taken over by the Sule Lamido administration. Now the Hospital is completed and powered in all sense of the word to last beyond the next 50 years.

In the areas of provision of mass housing, the Dr. Sule Lamido administration in Jigawa state remains unparallel. There are so many housing estates in Dutse, and other cities and town in the state that it is almost impossible to figure out the number of house that has been built and still being built for the people, resident and tourist of the state.

The marvel continues and also lies in the innovation by the governor for the provision of brick houses where ordinary people offer their labour and the cost of ownership within affordable range. Most roads with the capital city have been dualised, expanded and fitted with modern road infrastructures that defined development.

It is also to be noted that whether it is the road revolution, the new look Dutse hospital and schools that the Dr.  Sule Lamido administration is building and equipping has restored hope and rekindling the people’s trust in participatory democracy which many analysts said is crucial and important for sustainable development.

Meanwhile, Global Peace Movement International is pleased to note that in this entire midst of development revolution, the Governor of Jigawa State, Dr. Sule Lamido, has not lost his humane touch like many others in such position as his are prone to do. Handouts, in terms of token financially and materially for each disabled person, under the social security legislation is a regular occurrence.  Giving money for start-up businesses is what the people of the state and region has come to know Dr. Sule Lamido for.

Also noteworthy, Dr. Sule Lamido has made openness, accountability and unbiased communication a watchword in the conduct of the affairs of the state. He leads by example, as he has consistently said that the  programmes, pronouncements and actions of his administration will bear the unmistakable stamp of the moral and ideological character of the political background he come from; which is putting the people first.

Considering that health plays a crucial role in the wellbeing of a people, the ministry of health under Dr. Sule Lamido in Jigawa State, has made free maternal and child health care a priority. These are aside the payment of monthly allowances to students of schools of nursing and health technology.

A progressive that is always with an eye for the economic development and empowerment of his people, Dr. Sule Lamido has ensured to induce greater support for the industrial development of the state, considering more and in priority, the need to promote a dynamic, efficient and sustainable manufacturing sector.

This thoughtful and well packaged initiative to empower the people economically has seen the administration put incentives in place that are designed by government to encourage the private sector to play a vital role in the industrial development, geographical dispersal of industries, increase in industrial output for domestic and export markets, including value addition all for the benefit of the people of Jigawa state.

The move has also ensured that domestic resource utilization, capacities for entrepreneurship and technical skills, competitiveness of made in (Jigawa) Nigeria products; promotion of industrial linkages and facilitation of inflow of capital and technologies, all happening in Jigawa for the greater good of the region.

In the area of transportation, the   ministry of works and transport has fully embarked on the construction and rehabilitation of multi billion naira roads projects across the state, alongside the provision of facilities to improve the transport sector such as provision of new buses, tricycle cabs and guaranteeing the provision of loan to members of the transport union.

The Dr. Sule Lamido administration in Jigawa state is also developing all of the major markets in the state as a strategy to improve the investment climate in the state and the region. Infrastructure such as complete administrative blocks, fire service stations, ware houses, lockable and unlock- able shops, cattle ranches, animal pens have all been provided in the various markets within the state, all in bid to boost economic activities, thus empowering he people of the state.

It is little wonder; Jigawa is now a reference point for positive development in northern Nigeria, the country as a whole, and in the West African sub region. The humility with which Dr. Sule Lamido conducts the business of the state is better seen that heard about.

Dr. Mike Uyi,
President General,
Global Peace Movement International

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