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Mike Uyi (Interview)

UNKNOWN to several people at Bar Beach, traders and picnickers alike, Macdonald or Mr. Mike Macdonald Uyi, the proprietor of Macdonald, a resort much frequented by whites and blacks in the beach has more up his sleeves than they know.

As the President General of Global Peace Movement, an international arbiter, Mike has to keep abreast of global events, be ready to be at crises spots at short notice and willing to comment on world politics anytime - this makes him a very busy man.

Beach & Water Leisure interviewed him recently to let our readers into his world. Here is an excerpt of the interview.

B & W L: When was the Movement formed?
Mike: In Nigeria, it was established in July 23, 1997 but it has been in existence in Europe since 1992 with its headquarters in Bulgaria.

B & W L: What prompted its establishment?
Mike: As a result of too many conflicts in the world but the Gulf war in 1991 was the primary reason. We felt that the whole world need'nt have risen up in arms against one nation again. We believe that the world could breathe down the neck of an intrasigent country but that if there is a global movement for peace, it could stop it at that.

B & W L: Since its formation, how has the Movement been going about its business of promoting global peace?
Mike: The Movement stresses Peace globally. Its motto is "Peace has no alternative". We do not canvass for peace of the grave yard, but peace of mind that enables you to plan properly and invest wisely.

B & W L: How well will you say the Movement has achieved its objective since its formation?
Mike: We were in Iraq, March last year to speak with Saddam Hussein. He allowed us to inspect the 8 Presidential Palaces that is the problem first. We discovered what U.N. did not discover.

B & W L: What exactly did you discover?
Mike: That the problem of Saddam is not hatred for U.S. but historical. He believes that King Nebuchadenezar of Biblical time was his projenitor and of course, his Palace still exists in Iraq and that since his empire extended up to Kuwait, that country could still be claimed as his country's.

B & W L: How can the world solve this problem of Saddam once and for all?
Mike: Total blockade of Iraq is not the answer. Saddam is not suffering this, it is the people that are dying in hundreds. We need dialogue to solve the problem. If the problem of U.S. is to remove Saddam at all cost, they got it wrong because his people love him and America cannot decide who their leader should be for them. We went to Yugoslavia in September last year too over the Serbs and Yugoslavs problem. We have also been reinvited to Iraq and we will soon be going early in the year. We have been to Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ife - Modakeke and Ilaro (Students Unrest) all in Nigeria. We have written to U.N. on Isreal/Palestine issue.

B & W L: Which other organisations will you want to identify with in the world?
Mike: We want to commend Kofi Anan who went to Iraq before us for leading the vanguard of peace.

B & W L: Where is your organisation next action and what do you want to do?
Mike: Nigeria is our next action spot. We have instructed all members worldwide to focus on Nigeria. All focus for peace is now directed at her.

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