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DAILY MONITOR (Sep 26, 1999)

By Abu Mubarak Oladele

"THE campaign against cultism at the University of Ibadan recorded its first major success last Thursday when three male student cultists publicly renounce their membership of secret societies, even as another 20 did so confidentially.

Speaking at a well-attended secret cults membership renouncementrally organised by the Global Peace Movement held at the Alumni Centre of the institution the Vice Chancellor of the University, Professor Qmoniyi Adewoy eassured all repentant cultists of amnesty.

His words: "we as a community have chosen to overlook your past activities in relation to your membership of cults, although the amnesty we have offered does not cover other rules and regulations relating to the orderly governance of the University"

While positing that a declaration of position in relation to cultism by every member of the University community is the beginning of a true sanitisation process, Prof. Adewoye implored every religious organization on the campus and the Anti-Cultism Campaign Committee of the institution to devise ways that would facilitate open declarations by individuals.

Rejoicing with all those who have chosen to renounce their membership of secret cults, the Vice Chancellor enjoined them to be firm in their resolution to shun the evil phenomenon. He also expressed the appreciation of the university authorities to all the leaders and members of the Global Peace Movement for the zeal they have brought to the campaign against cultism and their commitment to the cause of peace.

In his own speech, the Chairman of the University Anti-Cultism Campaign Committee, Emeritus, Professor Olumuyiwa Awe who was a founding father of the Pyrates' Confraternity reiterated that the secret society was founded with good intentions.

He however, disclosed that he had since repented of his sins in the part he took in founding the confraternity. According to him, his present position as the head of an anti-cultism committee and a founder of a Christian Ministry shows his determination to contribute his quota to the eradication of cultism.

While exlaining that the rally the is part of the multi-faceted war against cultism on the university campus, Prof. Awe disclosed that his committee will soon embark on "the work of rehabilitation, reconciliation and restoration of cultists to play their roles as law abiding members of the community."

In his own remarks, the Student's Union President, Mr. Ovei Owumi expressed the decision of the student body to stand against cultism in all its ramification.

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