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TNT (Aug 7, 1997)

By Damola Akingbade

A Non Governmental Organisation, Global Peace Movement which waded into teh crisis between Polytechnic student and indigenes of Ilaro in Ogun State said it has restored peace and normalcy into the town.

The NGO said after consulting with various groups involved in the crisis, discovered that the incident was unfortunate and emanated out of communication breakdown and misunderstanding that could have been averted.

In a statement issued and signed by it's President General, Mr. Mike Uyi, the movement said it had put in place the mechanism to check, monitor and ensure that the ugly situation does not occur again.

The organisation added that it had designed a programme to enlighten and educate people toward peaceful conflict resolution in order to avoid retardation and breakdown.

It is also creating an enabling environment that will see to total intergration, cordial relation and interaction between the school and the community against fear misgivings and discrimination that is pervading the atmosphere.

The movement, however urged the parents, students and the communities to abide to the peace accord that was reached.

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