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THISDAY (Aug 4, 1997)

By Ndubuisi Francis

A non-governmental organisation GLOBAL Peace Movement has described as worrisome to national peace, the recent violent clash between students of Ogun State Polytechnic, Ilaro and the state branch of the Road Transport Workers of Nigeria (NURTW), resulting in loss of lives and property.

A statment issued by the organisation's President-General, Mike Mac Donalds Uyi, Director of Information, Tony Nwaonusum, and Paul Kadiri, Director of Logistics, said the clash was indicative of the degeneration of morals and values, noting that "conflicts can be settled in a better way than indulging in barbaric acts.

"We believe peace has no alternative and people should explore positive avenues of brokering peace than indulging in regrettable acts," the organisation said.

While appealing to the Ogun State government to re-open the polytechnic within seven days, to allow responsible and well-meaning students to return to campus and be able to make adequate representation on "what exactly happened on the day of mayhem," the organisation said in line with its objectives, it had resolved to wade into the impasse by inviting the parties involved in the clash to a round-table discussion.

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