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THE COMET (Aug 29, 2002)

By Omosehin Moses

A GROUP, the Masses Movement of Nigeria (MMN), has added voice to the battle to save Amina Lawal, a nursing mother condemned to death by storing by the Upper Sharia court.

In a press statement yesterday, its President General and founder, Major Moji Adekunle Obasanjo (rtd) condemn the death sentence as senseless, especially in a secular state like Nigeria.

She said: In a liberal system of government such as ours, justice, equity, respect for human dignity and tolerance should be the singsong of the people's daily life. It is therefore, an abuse of civilized norms and God's presence for a section of our leaders to use religious laws to cause disaffection among its people in the name of governance.

"This action is not only an aberration on the Nigeria masses, but tantamount to moral illegality, and human rights deface amounting to intolerance, religious bigotry and a slap on the nation fighting to redeem its image among the comity of nations.

"There must be unity of purpose among the people at the instance of a civilized and responsible government for continued existence as one nation, one people.

The group advised all that would be contestants of the Miss World Contest in Nigeria to stay away from the country over the issue.

"We therefore call on all the local and international communities as well as, organisations to join the MMN in condemning this uncivilized manner of government; a situation which is not different from the killing on November 10, 1995, of the SAROWIWA," it said.

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