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By Idowu Babatunde

THE International Association of Nigerians in Bulgaria-East Europe, has condemned the activities of both the Association for Better Nigeria (ABN) and Association for Nigerians' Destiny (AND) in derailing the transition programme.

The Association in a release signed by its chairman, Mr. Mike Uyi and Diplomatic Affairs, Officer Akpobi E. O., made available to The PUNCH noted that both the ABN and AND "were colourless organisations, unregistered and with no legality."

It remarked that the two associations would be held responsible for any confusion in the society.

'The ABN and AND had persistently made several moves and campaigns (overtly and covertly) for IBB to stay. They have tried every possible means to derail the transition programme," it noted.

The association stated that "they (ABN and AND) side-tracked a High Court injunction of Justice Akinsanya, using justice Ikepme (Mrs) as a front."

It resolved on three-point agenda that the entire world's attention is being the focussed on the Nigerian democratic experiment, that the Federal Military Government is now seen as sponsor of some of these colourless organisation until it absolved itself from blame by forcing NEC to declare the winner of the presidential election and that the ABN and AND be banned by the government to stop the propaganda of deceit aimed at beclouding the political future of the country and Africa in general.

It however warned that the country could not afford to fight another civil war and that the NRC's presidential candidatesowe Nigerians an apology for not voting during the June 12 election.

"We solidarized with all Nigerians and congratulate Chief M.K.O. Abiola and SDP for coinning the election, the association concluded.

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