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By Sherrif Folarin and Jackson Udom

FOUR students including a post-graduate of the University of Ibadan yesterday, undet oath, renounced their membership of secret cults, as the university's Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Omoniyi Adewoye, reiteratedhis non-membership of any cult or fraternity within or ouside the institution.

At a rally organised by the Global Peace Movement, the students, who would not want their identities disclosed, renounced their membership of the Buccaneers, Eye and Mqfite confraternities, saying their membership of these cults had done them no good since they joined, but had caused them only mental torture.

Narrating his experience to newsmen after the renounciation, the postgraduate student of Communication and Language Arts said: "I have seen deaths many times since I joined the Buccaneers confraternity in 1990 as a Geography student at the University of Lagos. The association ruined me, it ruined my career as my failure then was multiple."

He continued: "It was a friend of mine who introduced me into it. Since then, however, I had been feeling psychologically tormented. I started attending a gospel fellowship and soon became born again. But I did not leave the cult because it was difficult to do so. Today, I make bold to come out and I will never go back into it again.

"I thank the Almighty God and those who make this possible for me, especially my parents," the ex-cultist stated, adding "it was a bold step and I urge others to do the same thing by leaving the infinite darkness called cultism."

Speaking earlier, Prof. Adewoye appealed to skeptics "who are not convinced about the genuineness of the effort being put up by the Global Peace Movement" to promote anti-cultism on the campus, saying, "my answer to the skeptics is that God can choose any one for his cause."

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