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TNT (Aug 25, 1997)


interest of peace and tranquility.

In its letter to the Ooni and Ogunsua, the movement noted with distress and concern "the spate of violence and hostilities" prevailing in their dominions as reported by the dailies.

While sympathising with the rulers and their communities over the loss of lives and properties, the organisation also urged "your Royal Highnesses to mobilise your deputies and subjects to declare for peace as fathers of peace."

Similarly, in its letter to the Osun State Commissioner of Police, the movement lauded the role of the police for the maintenance of peace in the area and announced its willingness to broker peace.

"The global peace movement as a matter of urgency wish to inform you that it shall be on peace mediation mission to the two communities. In this regard, His Royal Highness, the Ooni of Ife and the Ogunsua of Modakeke and other prominent personalities will be visited on the 28th of August, 1997" the letter stated.

Speaking further about the preparation of the movement for the new assignment at IleIfe and Modakeke. the president-general of the movement, Mr. Mike Uyi told TNT in Lagos that the killings, constant threat to lives and damage to properties are very painful and most stop.

"We are going to be meeting directly with them as from Tuesday (tomorrow). In the lfe/ Modakeke crisis, we are going to be the final arbiter, because we know the two traditional rulers personally. Of course, Ooni of Ife was a 1989 Peace Award recipient of Global Peace Movement. They will cooperate with our team of crisis managers and peace brokers," he added.

He lamented that while old wounds are yet to be healed, conflict multiplies and crisis escalates in different comers in the vast Nigerian society thereby making the challenge of co-existence and governance more strenuous.

Noting that no partcular section in-the country is particularly peaceful or slightly immuned from crisis, he said that though crisis is inevitable, it is equally not beyond solution if the people are willing.

The president-general therefore appealed to all the leaders and people in troubled and crisis-ravaged areas throughout the country "to count the cost of war and hostilities, and its implications for security of lives and safety of properties, eschew violence, revenge and hatred and embrace the virtues of peace, forgiveness, reconciliation and love".

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