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THE GUARDIAN (Aug 28, 2001)

By Anthonia Oleru

PIQUED by what it called continued injustice, fraud and human rights abuses in the polity, despite the dawn of democracy, the Global Peace Movement (GPM), a non-governmental body organised a rally yesterday at the Tafawa Balewa Square Lagos.

According to the body's president, National Affairs, Mr. Ben Masade, "everyone fought for democracy to be restored, so that everyone can have peace, yet today, that peace is not in existence."

Masade who made particular mention of demolitions of Nigeria's business structures and other property nationwide, described such as gross violation of the rights of the citizenry which the current democratic government is supposed to serve.

Also speaking at the rally, another member of the group, Sanu Enudi lamented that 87 workers sacked in 1987 by a major oil company were yet to be compensated.

The GPM was joined by aggrieved workers of some who have allegedly suffered one form of injustice or the other in the hands of their employers.

The group said the government should not only fulfil its own responsibilities to the people, but should also protect her citizens from foreign companies, including oil companies, who violate their rights.

Some persons who claimed to be former workers of Chevron also called on the oil firm to pay their entitlements, which they claimed had remained unpaid for four years.

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