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THISDAY (Jan 31, 2002)

By Chris Nwachukwu, Adeyeye Joseph and Yemi Shaba

Two non-governmental organisations caused a mini commotion yesterday at the Ikeja Cantonment camp of the victims of last Sunday's explosions when they offered to provide the victims with 5,000 units of accommodation.

Officials of the Masses Movement of Nigeria and the Global Peace Movement of Nigeria, who stormed the camp yesterday afternoon told the displaced soldiers and their families that they had finalised arrangements to distribute the housing units to them.

As soon as the soldiers and their families heard about the offer which was made via a public address system, they rushed at the officials trying to get the accommodation forms.

Speaking with newsmen at the Command Day Secondary School, the president of the movement, Mr. Mike Uyi, implored them to move to Idimu, a suburb of Lagos, where officials of the organisations were waiting to allocate them accommodation.

"We have secured temporary accommodation for them there, our men are waiting to allocate it to them," he said.

Uyi, who also called on kind hearted Nigerians and the Federal Government FG to provide relief materials to the displaced, said that a comprehensive list of those who lost valuables should be prepared so as to compensate them.

"A comprehensive list of all victims should be compiled with the facial photographs of all the dead so as to enable their families locate them," Uyi said.

The group equally urged FG to set aside a contingency fund as compensation to the bereaved family and all those whose property were destroyed during the disaster.

Meanwhile, the national co-ordinator of another NGO, Mothers in Nigeria, Chief (Mrs) Ritalori Ogiebor, has called on the FG to take urgent step to sweep the Ikeja Cantonment and its environs of all unexploded bombs.

Ogiebor made the call during a visit she paid to the Police College, Ikeja, where her group donated some materials to the victims of the bomb explosion.

"I was at the armoury today and I must confess to you the situation is still precarious. I saw bombs packed together and the soldiers told me that the bombs may explode anytime," she said.

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