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THE MONITOR (Apr 25, 2002)

By Sharifah Alabi

TWELVE self-confessed cultists of The Poly technic, Ibadan on Wednesday renounced their membership at a ceremony organised by Global Peace Movement and The Institutional Committee Against Cultism.

The cultist renounced their membership after series of pleas and words of advice from notable personalities: Clerics, the institution's rector and the executives of Global Peace Movement.

The ceremony, according to 'the Rector, Prof. Olukemi Alabi, became necessary because of the general resurgence of cultism in tertiary institutions and at the Polytechnic, Ibadan in particular in the last one year.

His words: "Just recently, on March 7, 2002 two young men were slained right here on the campus as a result of cult clashes. Earlier in February, two other young men were murdered at location outside the campus. One of them in front of his father's house."

"As a result of this, the authorities of The Polytechnic, Ibadan feel very disturbed and sad that these people could loose their lives through cultism and bring the hope and the investments of their parents on them to nullity," Prof. Alabi added.

The ceremony which happened to be the second of its kind in two years was first organised in January, 2000, where more than 50 students of the institution came out to publicly renounce their membership of the various cult groups on the campus.

While speaking at the occasion, Mr. Mike Uyi who led the Global Peace Movement enjoined the students to embrace peace as there is no alternative to peace.

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