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SUNDAY VANGUARD (Sep 28, 1997)

By Abdul Imoyo

AS fresh bloodbath resurfaced between the Ifes and Modakekes during the week, there are strong moves to ensure that peace reigns between the two warring factions.

Specifically, a committee of concerned citizens under the aegis of the Global Peace Movement (GPM) is currently making moves to broker peace in the region.

GPM according to its President-General Mr. Mike Uyi was formed with the aim of changing the hearts and minds of Nigerians from violence, revenge and hatred, to peace, forgiveness, reconciliation, compensation and love.

Already, GPM with a membership of 258,000 within and outside Nigeria has Oba Francis Olatunji Adedoyin, the Ogunsua of Modakeke as a member.

The Ogunsua according to Uyi, recently declared for the GPM alongside 30,000 people from his domain as part of efforts "to build understanding, support, sympathy and love between people and families within Ife and Modakeke.

The President-General disclosed that the organisation has been involved in a lot of peace moves among warring communities. These include Ilaro crisis, Warri/Itsekiri and the Ogoni crises.

Said he: "We have met the federal government and we have the government's support to broker peace in Ogoni and other areas. We will also look into the Kaduna NLC squabble."

GPM, it was further learnt will be visiting New York in October to talk to the United Nations and the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG).

"We're going to campaign against sanctions because it is working against every Nigerian citizen" Uyi noted.

However the major aim of the movement is the negotiations for the release of Chief MKO Abiola the undeclared winner of the June 12, 1993 presidential election.

According to Uyi, GPM is going to seek the release of Abiola within the next four weeks.

Said he: "It is our duty to see to the release of Abiola and hand him over to the civil society. Within four weeks we will be deliberating with government over his release using maximum negotiations. Abiola has never supported any form of violence in his life before his arrest."

The GPM boss emphasised that Abiola as a wise man would want to regain his freedom adding that "those who voted for him are alive and free, he himself should think of his freedom first."

"If he dies there (in detention) Nigeria would still be Nigeria. He should learn how to trust himself because all his so called friends…"

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