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SUNDAY SUN (Aug 22, 2004)

I’m ready to name them, says Mike Uyi, Global Peace Movement
By Peter Anosike

From all indications, the fight against eradication of the secret cult in the Nigerian universities appears far from being won. This is because some of the vice chancellors of the universities are themselves neck deep in secret cult.

In revelation to Sunday Sun, Dr Mike Uyi, President General of Global Peace Movement said; “I ant to use this medium to tell the world that there are 18 vice chancellors in the Nigeria Universities ho are secret cult members. The government is afraid to expose them, but I am ready to name them anytime I called upon to do so.

Uyi said that what led to this finding was in 1999 hen his NGO launched a programme tagged; ‘Secret cult eradication programme’ at the university of Ibadan. According to him, hen president Obasanjo came into power in 1999, he said that he did not ant secret cult to exist in the universities and gave ten million naira each to the tertiary institutions in the country to fight cultism. However, Uyi said that money as a waste as the people to ho the money as given never carried out Mr President’s instruction and that Mr President on the other hand never bothered to call them for accountability.

He told Daily Sun that the money just went don the drain and that made him to believe that government itself is a secret cult. According to him, he on his on organized secret cult eradication programme from September 23 1999, University of Ibadan and won the battle. He said that in the process, he discovered that most of the professors there are secret cult members.

Origin of Global Peace Movement

According to Uyi, Global Peace Movement started in 1986 in the University of Ibadan here he as then a student of Guidance and Counseling. He said that initially the movement as known as Students Peace Commandos, but hen the late Oba of Benin, Omo n’ Oba Erediaa met him, he told that the word peace and commandos could not go together and asked if he (Mike) could change the name.

In obedience to the Royal father, changed the name to Students Peace Government. After my graduation, the movement to Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, India, America, Britain, Greece, I changed the name to Global Peace Movement. He said that the international head quarters of the movement is in Bulgaria. It was launched in Nigeria in 1997 and registered in Europe in 2003.


He told Daily Sun that the vision of his organization is to achieve global peace. According to him, peace has no alternative and that the registration of the organization as mere formality, as peace does not need to be registered.

He said “peace acceptance to every nation of the world and that as the reason why I went to Iraq thrice where I meet with Saddam Hussein face to face. I have been there thrice. Global Peace Movement is an organization that has to do with human rights all over the world. We have mediated in many crisis situations all over the world”.


To fight an establishment is usually problems. Uyi said that he has received 127 threaten calls.

I have received a lot of threats because of the good work that I have been doing and I am still doing it. The government has not encouraged me, I hope that they are hearing it. All the effort to move the military pensions from Lagos to Lokoja, government never compensated me with one naira. Rather, the President rote me a letter of commendation for my boldness to be able to removed them. The House of Representatives also wrote me concerning my efforts towards the movement of the pensions and their welfare matters but in terms of money nothing has come from the government.

Struggles won

According to him, he has won almost all the struggles he has engaged himself in.

“Any battle that I did not win, know that government is fighting against itself. In the area of human right violation, I have spent over six million naira for television and radio programme. In Yugoslavia, I was there to help ethnic Albanians don to Hungary. A lot of them have also been helped by my organization when they were in problem.

Orji Uzor Kalu

Although he has never met Oriji Uzor Kalu in prison, Uyi said the challenges which the young Governor is confronted with is what every youth should come out and fight.

“The challenges that Governor Oriji Uzor Kalu is passing through should be the concern of every youth in the country. It is a matter that every youth should come out and fight, it doesn’t matter whether he is Igbo man or not. I am Benin man, I have not had any reason to meet with Governor Oriji Uzor Kalu. I have never had any reason to stay in Igbo land to say that I am affiliated. Continuing he said, “But I know that hat Kalu stands for in this country is the interest of the youth. I know that he is being intimidated because he is a youth governor. I know that those of them who have been there since 1960 are comfortable as they don’t want any young person to join them. They think that they are gods, but this young man is saying no!”

According to Uyi, Governor Kalu is saying that time has come when power should change hands, stressing that it is the reason why they are intimidating him. Uyi said he has spent over million naira crisscrossing the country and telling people to come out and fight for their rights. He said that he is not supposed to be doing that as people should come out on their own to fight.

Igbo and marginalization

Uyi believes that Igbo have been relegated to the background. His word, “Igbos are very intelligent race in this country. Can you imagine a race that was given 20 pounds after the civil war. There is nowhere in the world that you will go without seeing them living and excelling in business. And no the federal government is banning everything that Igbo are involved in”

According to him, government has banned Tokunbo vehicles,  fridges and so on while they have not been bold enough to ban bureau de change which the northerners are involved in both legally and illegally. As a nation, Uyi believes that there should be equal rights rather than selective justice.

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