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During The Conferment Of An Award For Peace And Development In London
By Global Peace Movement International

With her well known objective of insisting on leaving a legacy of service and institutions that will continue touching the lives of individuals and organisations through dedication and commitment to public good, Global Peace Movement International today present a woman of substance, and a befitting recipient of the prestigious award being conferred here today.

Firstly, it is important to here state that though many people are aware of the sound development education that Princess Stella Oduah possess; coupled with her insatiable quest to grapple with the challenges confronting the society, the fullness and excellence of spirit that she has inherent in her has became more visible only in recent times.

Today's awardee, it must be stated has schooled in various higher institutions in various part of the world, including in the United States of America, before becoming the honourable minister in charge of aviation in Nigeria Moreso, as a former Chairman of the Board of News Agency of Nigeria between 2007- Z011, Dr. Mrs. Stella Oduah successfully proved her mettle as an excellent manager of men, resources and most importantly, information at the highest level, a feat which led to callings for her to be given higher responsibilities.

It is also important to mention here today that the achievements of Dr. Mrs Oduah as president and chief executive officer of Sea Petroleum & Gas Group of Companies Limited between 1992 till 2011, is a feat that is yet to be equalled by any women in Nigeria and on the continent.

However, these glaring achievements did not come overnight, as the awardee has passed through the proverbial mill, beginning as a National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) trainee staff between 1982-1983 and later as sales officer in the pipeline and products marketing company between 1983-1985.

Her excellent performance at work saw her moving upward and forward with her being head of local payment and later head of sales, positions that require a huge sense of duty and responsibility. Dr Mrs Stella Oduah performed wonderfully in those regards. Stella Oduah became the head of statics, apposition that requires a huge intellectual capacity and man management.

Today's awardee has also success fully paid her dues in the corporate world, what with the flourishing establishments set up by her long before assuming public office. Apart from the well known sea petroleum and gas, international trading and logistics company, sea shipping agency limited, tour afrique, rotary engineering limited, oil tools limited, and lords construction company are all testimonies to her entrepreneurial and business acumen, as these businesses which were all established decades ago are still standing the test of time.

It is on public record that great honours awards have continued to follow Princess Stella Oduah. Some of the awards, apart the officer of the order of Niger given to her by the former president of Nigeria, and today's international recognition from Global Peace Movement International, the women of valour award by the centre for women development, and the distinguished catholic professional award are only but a few.

Princess, Dr. Mrs Stella Oduah has also been conferred with the dame international women award, the women achiever award, the outstanding performance award in the oil and gas sector and the industry award by hope foundation international.

Not done yet, the Princess also has in her kitty, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) international gold award, the men of achievement award an international PH.D in business administration by PACIFIC University in Glendale, California, USA.This is not forgetting the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation managing director's award that has also been conferred on her.Today's award and presentation, is indeed an icing on the cake.

In her warm spirit of charity and philanthropic activities, Princess Stella Oduah set up the SPG Foundation in 2007 to further consolidate her humanitarian and philanthropic efforts, with the foundation mission aiming to develop and implement strategic programs / projects that would empower and build the capacity of the under privileged members of the society with emphasis on the woman and child.

Anchored on the divine ethos that every man is a mere custodian of what he possesses. Princess Oduah believes that wealth acquisition is a God given, grace and not necessarily an act of human ingenuity and that wealth acquisition makes sense only if it is spread to affect the lives of the less privileged around you. That objective in itself, highly qualifies her for today's presentation.

Nevertheless, the foundation has since gone on to excel in child's right and child's development, gender health and development, youth empowerment and capacity building poverty eradication and wealth creation and rural development.

In the same vein, the Joe Life Foundation also established by Princess Stella Oduah to champion the cause of the less privileged child in Nigeria, has become a household name in Nigeria and beyond, as the foundation has succeeded beyond measure in promoting development of the less privileged and vulnerable children in Nigeria, through the provision of a conducive social and economic environment for capacity development of the child.

With objectives that includes improving access to quality education for less privileged and vulnerable children,c0ntribuing to the development and upgrading of public educational institutions and infrastructure, enhancing total child development through child fostering program, contributing toward the eradication of child trafficking and abuse and providing a platform for private sector involvement in the Nigeria child educational development, Princess Stella Oduah has marked her name in gold, and truly deserves all the accolades and awards that comes her way.

The foundation's programs run presently in more than ten states of the federation, including Benue, Anambra, Katsina, Edo, Baylesa, Delta, and Lagos States.

The will to serve and contribute to the development of humanity, still burning in Princess Stella Oduah, led her to establish a skill acquisition centre in Ogbaru Local Government Area in Anambra state in 2007 and in Orhionwon LGA in Edo state in 2009 to help in the capacity development and economic empowerment of indigent youths.

The establishment of these centres which is the first phase of her Nigeria youth empowerment programme which is aimed at reducing poverty, youth restiveness, unemployment and prevalence of cyber and related crimes.

In 2009, Princes Stella Oduah also launched an elaborate gender health advocacy programme under the aegis of the Ekho heart foundation that was established to create awareness and attend to cardiovascular health issues among indigent women. While the Modupe cancer initiative was established to advocate for the prevention and control of HPV and cervical cancer through.

Princess Stella Oduah also launched the farmer's loan scheme for peasant and subsistent farmers, as part of her fervent commitment to fight and end poverty and the empowerment of indigent members of the society.

The scheme which has run for successive years has over 250 recipients and is received every year with the supervision of the community leaders and the Ogbaru Community bank.

Princess Stella Oduah floated the women cassava initiative which provides a soft loan to indigent peasant women cassava farmers within communities, and is aimed at providing also for men in the subsequent phases of the program.

Through this scheme the Princess also hopes to establish cassava-processing plant within the community to purchase and utilize the produce from these various farms. Princess Stella Oduah through her water for life initiative sponsored the drilling of boreholes and the installation of Howden Rotary Hand Pumps and submersible pumps in some rural communities in Anambra and Adamawa State. ln a bid to improve access to portable water and contribute to the prevention of water born diseases.

An endless of high commitment to humanity, Princess Stella Oduah has also been in the forefront of the construction of a 19 bed medical centre, the weekly Feeding of the poor, provision of portable water in various parts of the country, construction of school buildings at orphanages and annual scholarship scheme for indigenes up to University Level.

As we award and honour her today, lets remember that the annual award for the best female petroleum engineering graduating student, the donation of building for a central mosque in Lagos, the construction of teacher's quarters in Edo State, the building of an ultra modern secondary school, construction of Primary School at Eti-Osa Local Government in Lekki-Lagos State and the annual catholic youth scholarship scheme are all the handiwork and initiatives of today's awardee, Princess Stella Oduah.

Princess Stella Oduah belongs to professional associations and is a member of clubs. She is a member of the institute of director, member, Lagos motor boat club, member lkoyi club 1938, member Nigerian American Chamber of Commerce, member national association of chamber of industry. Princess Oduah is a fellow of the Paul Harris Institute.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let's makes welcome to the awardee as she steps forward to be recognized and conferred with her award.

Dr. Mike Uyi,
Global Peace Movement International

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