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TO: President (Dr.) Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GCON)

By Global Peace Movement International

President (Dr.) Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GCON)
Presidential Villa
Aso Rock
Abuja - Nigeria

Dear Mr. President

It is with the greatest respect and deep sense of patriotic duty that we, members of the Global Peace Movement, an International Human Rights Organisation that promotes peace through Fundamental Rights Advocacy, crises resolution, Intervention in Conflicts situations, Mediation amongst local communities and across the globe decided to write this letter to you. Mr. President, the purpose of this letter is:

1. To appraise the present state of affairs of the nation, both in the economy and political sphere;
2. To point out to you that presently there are clear attempts to pull down your administration in other to stop you from contesting the 2015 Presidential Election; and
3. To re-assure you that our organization and indeed majority of Nigerians are in your support.

Today, as it relates to power, yes, it is not uhuru yet but more than ever before there are indications that in a short time there will be improvement in the power sector. The Global Peace Movement and indeed majority of Nigerians are appreciative of the transformation that is going on in that sector and applaud your courage in unbundling the former PHCN for efficiency that will affect every aspect of our national life.

In the energy sector, we are aware that work is on-going to pass the Petroleum Bill into law, which will also bring a turnaround and improvement in that sector. Nigerians are deeply appreciative that your administration, unlike previous ones, have not witnessed a single crises in the Petroleum Sector such that results in people queuing for fuel at the filing stations.

Global Peace Movement International recognizes that power and energy are the life-wire and pivot of any economy. We therefore urge you, Mr. President to continue with the transformation in that critical sector of the economy despite the distractions.

Our organisation have also monitored, researched and investigated events and developing issues in the aviation sector, and are satisfied with the tremendous transformation that is on-going in the sector. Instructively, on 21st of January, 2014, we organized a world press conference at Protea Hotel, Ikeja where critical issues in the sector particularly as it relates to the issue of bullet proof cars, certificate scandal (all aimed at discrediting the amiable Aviation Minister) were presented to the public and media and dissected to lay the issue to rest once and for all.

In the final analysis, we are satisfied with the Minister of Aviation's, handling of the sector and we make bold to say that the transformation going on there is unparalleled.

Mr. President Sir, your giant stride in the agric sector is also worthy of mention. It is on record that no previous administration had given agriculture so much impetus and prominence as yours. Just the other day, the Federal Government announced that it has earmarked the sum of N14b for farmers to increase their productivity during the dry season. All these to mention but a few are in fulfillment of your promise to the electorate and transformation agenda. Global Peace Movement International and majority of Nigerians are deeply appreciative and encourage you to do more.

Mr. President Sir, as mentioned earlier, Global Peace Movement International decided to hold a world press conference to address issues in the Aviation sector particularly as it relates to the Aviation Minister, Mrs. Stella Oduah and the sustained attempt and campaign to pull her down by any mean possible. Presently there are attempts to prevent you from contesting the 2015 General Presidential Election. The tactics is to weaken your support base, both within your party the PDP and supporters. Mrs Stella Oduah is one of the Ministers that have given your transformation agenda meaning and boast more than any of your current Ministers. She became a natural target in other to rubbish all her good work in the sector and to further make your administration look bad.

Mr. President, on the issue of security, the Nigerian public is aware of the daunting security challenges your administration is confronting - deliberately orchestrated to pull your administration down. But inspite of it, you have managed to curtail it and carried on with the affairs of state effectively.

Today, we are living witnesses to the spate of decampment in PDP to the APC, all aimed and targeted at you. Your erstwhile party Chairman, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur was forced to resign as a further attempt to weaken your support base. Alhaji Tukur was your known supporter for 2015, so is Mrs. Stella Oduah and a host of others who are being hounded round. All these developments are orchestrated and are meant to stripe you naked, so to say, so that you would not have strong support base to contest the 2015 general elections.

Presently, there is a subtle debate in the media that you should honorably withdraw from the 2015 presidential election. Their reason is that since you became president not through your way will, but by divine grace, you should not fight to be president again. Majority of Nigerians at home and Diaspora will be terribly disappointed if Mr. President capitulate to this dubious design.

Finally, Mr. President please be reassured that majority of Nigerians including this Human Rights Organisation are prepared to sensitize Nigerian at home and abroad of the need to return Mr. President in 2015.

We will like to add that Nigerians were not disappointed with the rare courage Mr. President demonstrated when you signed the anti-gay law into effect a couple of days ago.

Nigerians appreciate the simplicity and candour with which you go about your official duties. Surely, you do not have to wear the mien of a dinosaur and dragon to go on with your official assignment as we saw in the past.

Dr. Mike Uyi

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