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A Nigerian by name Rev. King Dr. C.J.A. Uwemedimo invented the anti corrosive special paints with patent right RP13522 issued by former President of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo on the 5th of August 1999 under the intellectual property.

Mobil Oil Company have used this paints for all their Oil drilling and at the same time sold it to other Oil Companies world wide but refused to pay $2 / barrel as earlier negotiated.

Painful enough, as a result of the under water research for this paint formula, Rev King Dr C.J.A. Uwemedimo have lost the use of his two eyes. Mobil as taken to the High Court over this $2 / barrel here Mobil as defeated, Mobil went to Appeal Court, Mobil was also defeated there. Mobil again went to Supreme Court, Mobil was also defeated there. As we rite to you now, Mobil has not paid Rev. King Dr. C.J.A. Uwemedimo a single dollar. Mobil has refused to pay this Nigerian great INVENTOR ho is over 75 years of age.

A man that has brought wealth to the whole world. A man that has brought wealth to Nigeria. The only black man who has invented anything regarding energy which is the most viable sector of any nation’s economy.

What we are agitating for is the RIGHTS of this man and the pride of Nigeria, the pride of a black man. It is actually a battle between DOLLARS and the truth. This is a clarion call for all well meaning Nigerians to rise to challenge of upholding Justice, equity and fair play.

Honor should be given to whom honor is due. Rev. King DR. C.J.A. Uwemedimo deserves international recognition, even in the GUINNESS BOOK of RECORDS of the inventor who rescued the world from the dry ell phenomena.

An INJUSTICE TO ONE is an INJUSTICE TO ALL. The battle for justice must continue.

Signed by
Mike Uyi

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