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The Governor of Gombe State, His Excellency Danjuma Goje has made history by becoming the first sitting governor in Nigeria to secure victory for the federal government, as he has successfully stopped and halted the injunction by Global Peace Movement International to compel the federal government immediately stop plans and preparations for the 50th anniversary celebrations marking Nigeria's independence.

Governor Danjuma Goje was able to do this by successfully showcasing to the team of observers from Global Peace Movement International Headquarters in London, his unparallel achievements since assuming office as governor of Gombe State.

It is to be recalled that Global Peace Movement International has secured and commenced proceedings at both local and international levels, to force the federal government to halt the plans to lavishly celebrate the anniversary, a plan that initially did not go down with either the Nigerian populace or Global peace Movement International itself.

Global peace Movement International had while filing the injunction against the government, cited the widespread poverty in the country, the insecurity and under-development and corruption in the nation, that does warrant the government spending such colossal sum of money that might eventually find their ways into private pockets in the name of celebration 50th anniversary.

However, in a rare display of unusual patriotism, objectivity and courage, Global peace Movement International used the government and people of Gombe State as a reason on why the organization should drop its already initiated action of compelling the federal government to stop the celebration plans.

Gombe State Government told the Global peace Movement International, a London, United Kingdom based socio political, human rights organization to go round the state to verify projects and sample residents and citizens opinion on the quality of leadership currently being provided in the state, Governor Danjuma Goje explained to the Global peace Movement International Leadership that the federal government means well in its commitment to celebrating the nations 50th anniversary in style.

On the part of Global peace Movement International and its leadership that visited the state, the governor achievements in the areas of health and medical services provision, security, provision of qualitative and quantitative education, were amongst the few projects of the government that were inspected, that gave room for hoping that all hope was not lostin the provision of quality and responsive leadership in Nigeria.

Leader of the delegation, and President of Global peace Movement International, Dr. Mike Uyi, commended the governor, adding that the achievements of the governor were enough to make their organization drop its injunctions plans against the federal government.

The prudence and foresight of the governor in the amazing development of the state, including the construction of a world class airport, empowerment of the citizens through provision of basic infrastructures like portable water, good roads and drainages, efficient waste disposal system, all with the little resources that the state receives from the federal government, was enough to earn him an award.

The governor has been nominated for an international PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT AWARD to be presented in London soon.

Signed by
Mike Uyi
Global peace Movement International,
Leader, Nigerians in Diaspora,
United Kingdom and Ireland.

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