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A Sound, Tested And Reliable Qualification For Nigeria Presidency


Incredible survey, 9.8 million Nigerians in 12 states of South-East, South-West and Niger Delta Region, has described Kano State Governor Malam Shekarau as the most qualified candidate to run the affairs of the country, in respect of his experience and the peaceful piloted affairs of Kano State for last eight, as the only candidate that has overwhelmingly defeated an incumbent ruling Governor of a ruling party in the country.

THE POLL OF OPINION across the Nation said ''there is no doubt in our minds that he can run and win the presidential election the way he has run Kano State for eight without ethnic and religious crisis.  He has made the state one of the most peaceful State in Nigeria today. Nigerians will celebrate you for that.

Even in non party member of ANPP the Governor of Ondo State has described the Kano State Governor as a worthy candidate to lead Nigeria.


In recent time, particularly with the tension uncertainties and campaigns in the Nigerian polity about who best occupy the position of president of the federal republic of Nigeria after the next general elections, it become important to place side by side the achievements of all by aspirants, alongside their present and potential approach to governance.

In that regard, it becomes clear to all, including international watchers and local stakeholders that the present governor of Kano State, Malam Ibrahim Shekarau is a hundred mile ahead of the pack of aspirants that want to rule the country.

Most of the presidential aspirants, it  must indeed be stated, after the assessment of the candidates by international agencies, including Global Peace Movement International, have virtually almost nothing to offer the populace in terms of good and accountable governance, economic and social development, and integrity. Thus this is where Ibrahim Shekarau stands out, and places him in a class of his own, as a quality candidate that can take the country Nigeria out of the woods.

Consequently, in line with international best practices in the verification of completed projects, Global Peace Movement International and it team of international assessors, can confirm and verify that the under listed projects, and much more have been completed in Kano State, under the administration of Ibrahim Shekarau.

Moreso, as Global Peace Movement International and its international affiliates are known for pursuing justice, equity and fairness in all its endeavours, the challenge is hereby thrown to all, including stakeholders like other presidential aspirants, the INEC and local and international development partners to visit the state and have a confirmation of these projects themselves.

Some of the completed projects include but not limited to:

arrowThe Tamburawa Water Treatment Plant at Tamburawa
This project has made the provision of portable, well treated and clean water available to the people of the state and beyond.

arrowCompletion of the Abubakar Imam Urology Centre along Katsina Road
This state of the art medical center has become a reference point for the treatment of urinal and related diseases within the state and the African sub region.

arrowGovernment Junior Secondary School Unguwa Uku
The completion and equipping of the school had made qualitative education nearer to the people of the state.

arrowGiginyu Hospital now under Construction
This hospital which is close to completion already have the latest medical equipment waiting to be installed.

arrowKanawa Market along Zaria Road
As a state known for its bursting trade and commercial activities, the Kanawa Market, already completed will boost the economic development of the state.

arrowIbrahim Shekaru GSM Market at Farm Centre
This market and center is already making the development of information technology and related activities in the state a reality.

arrowMurtala Housing Staff at Murtala Mohammed General Hospital
Also an already completed meant to provide quality and adequate housing to the people of the state, particularly medical workers.

arrowNew NYSC Camp at Karaye Local Government
Ibrahim Shekarau’s commitment to education is further displayed with this project, even if it is supposed to be a federal one.

arrowMinistry of Science and Technology.
Recognizing the place of technology as the driving block of state and national development, this ministry has since its creation made the state the center of science and technology development in the northern part of the country and beyond.

arrowShariah Commission along Audu Bako Road
The establishment of this commission has brought respect and sanity to the state. It has also enhanced inter-religious harmony within and outside the state.

arrowHisbah Commission at Sharada Quarters
This is another project of Ibrahim Shekarau that has made the state one of the most peaceful and tolerant to all religion in the state.

In the area of road development and construction, the administrative acumen and foresight of Ibrahim Shekarau is acutely manifested.

Recognizing that construction and maintenance of road will lead to the development of rural and urban areas, Ibrahim Shekarau has constructed or dualized the following roads in the state:
arrowFrance Road
arrowState Road
arrowBayero University Kano Road
arrowClub Road
arrowIbrahim Taiwo
arrowBank Road

It is important to state more road have been constructed by Ibrahim Shekarau than any other state chief executive office in the country.

The construction of the Dubai Market at Tudun Murtala Quarter in the state is another testimony to the fact that Ibrahim Shekarau, as the president of Nigeria, will economically and politically stabilize the country towards greater heights.

The projects of Kano State Government are there to be seen by all, a challenge is thrown for any doubting Thomas’s to pay a visit to the state for verification.


For a country like Nigeria that is dire need to quality leadership that is devoid of cirruption, bias, undue sentiments and favouritism, the Kano state governor is a living example for all to see.

The achievements that have been recorded in Kano in the past eight years be it in the areas of health, education, economic development, peace and religious tolerance and harmony are more than enough to make discerning individuals and groups know that Ibrahim Shekarau is the president Nigeria needs.

Alongside that, is the fact that as the only governor to have recorded a two term leadership in a state like Kano, coupled with the rare feat as the only serving governor that is in the presidential contest, after all the others have been found not fit and qualified, is enough indication of how widely accepted Ibrahim Shekarau’s candidacy is, and how popular he has become, all for good and positive reasons of sustainable development.

As for Global Peace Movement International and other teams of international observers and assessors, it is our belief that achievements in present office must count as a yardstick for future office.

It is said that He who has performed excellently in little things, will perform more excellently in greater things.

Ibrahim Shekarau has given a good account of himself through his achievements as the governor of Kano state.

It is a huge and great possibility that he will give a better, more excellent and sustainable account of himself when he becomes the president of Nigeria soon.

Dr. Mike Uyi,
Global Peace Movement International

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