Armed Forces remembrance day: Ambassador Mike Uyi appeals support for the wives of fallen heroes

President General, Global Peace Movement International, UK and Ambassador of the Nigerian Armed forces, Dr Mike Uyi has called on Nigeria to show respect to fallen heroes and to show concern for their children and window.

Uyi made the call in London over the weekend for the 2022 Armed Forces Remembrance Day celebration.

He said the fallen heroes had contributed positively for peace and United Nigeria.

“As others have died in the cause of maintaining the peace of the country, we that are alive should also emulate and demonstrate and continue on the peace part” he said.

Uyi called on all to demonstrate in showing unity in the country. Stressing that togetherness of the country is not negotiable.

He said we have no alternative other than to keep Nigeria a united country.

“ Let us continue to maintain one country and in peace and unity. Our leaders should continue to deploy development, so that the citizens will feel better and united,” he said.

“I want to commend the Armed Forces of Nigeria for its subordination to civil rule; and ensuring that democracy has come to stay.

“As we commemorate the 2022 Armed Forces Remembrance Day, it should be a period of sober reflection, especially for those who want to continue to benefit from the present security challenges in the country”.

“Nigeria has lost a lot in terms of finance, material and human resources in prosecuting the war against insurgency, banditry etc. We must not continue this way”.

“I urged Nigerians to support the military at this critical time in our nation’s history to end all forms of insecurity”.

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