Insecurity: GPMI hails Gen. Faruk on fight against banditry

The global Peace Movement International, UK has commended Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Lt. Gen. Yahaya Faruk for sustaining the fight against banditry.

GPMI said the Nigerian Army recently announced the remarkable success in anti-terrorism and anti-banditry operations across the country.

In a statement by GPMI President, Dr. Mike Uyi the COAS steadfastness and dedication has rubbed on his gallant troops as evident in the troop outings.

He said the Nigerian Army has recently made remarked decimating armed bandits, kidnappers and other sundry criminals finding it difficult to operate in the country due to the onslaught of the troops.

According to the Uyi, it is an indication that the war against terrorism has indeed come to an end.

“This is indeed commendable and as such GPMI wishes to state that the Nigerian troops have indeed proved that where there is a will there is always a way because, despite the various conspiracies against Nigeria in the war against terrorism, the Nigerian troops have always given the Boko Haram terrorists fatal and decisive blows in the war front. “

“While charging Nigerians to rally behind the military, GPMI called on the African and international communities not to play ostrich and join hands with Nigeria in ridding the country of fleeing and heavily decimated insurgents.

Umahi will make a good president — GPMI

GPMI drums support for Gov. Umahi’s Presidential ambition

Global Peace Movement International, UK has thrown its weight behind the presidential ambition of the Governor of Ebonyi State Gov. Dave Umahi, calling on Nigerians to support his support his aspiration because of the successes he has achieved in Ebonyi state and beyond.

This was contained in a statement released on Saturday By the President General Dr. Mike Uyi where he reeled out the achievement of the Governor, and what he term his unique leadership qualities.

The statement said that “We at Global Peace Movement International, having accessed his capacity and those of the other aspirants are pledging our support for the incumbent Governor, of Ebonyi state Gov. Dave Umahi, this in appreciation of the land mark achievements he has recorded in Ebonyi state in the last 6 years. We have consciously followed his activities and proud to project him to all Nigerians and the world as the President that would ensure that the Nigeria of our dreams is actualized as soon as possible because Nigerians have suffered a lot and we should not make the mistake of giving power to anybody who cannot ensure that Nigerians are better for it .

“In leadership he has identified and developed several leaders in Ebonyi state who have assisted him to transform the state practically converting the state project sites with developmental projects going on simultaneously in several communities in the state and this is the kind of leader we want in Nigeria, who can identify potential leaders who would drive the developmental process with him because there is no leader that drives development alone.

According to Uyi, a candidate aspiring for the presidency should be a good leader, instead of a follower, that he should also be healthy , he should be a patriotic citizen, and a good negotiator. Well experienced in government policies, one who promotes education and willing to help the middle working class, these are the qualities we have discovered in Gov. Umahi.

“Gov Dave Umahi is not in any form of competition with anyone or in any show of money. He is a man with good character, wisdom and goodwill. He is a man with no do or die political mission. DAVE is a politician with a Profession.

Alleged assassination claim against Sen. Godswill Akpabio deceitful, baseless – GPMI

Global Peace Movement International, UK has dismissed an allegation that the Minister of Niger Delta, Senator Godswill Akpabio hired bandits to assassinate the former Petroleum Minister, Atuekong Don Etiebet.

President General of the group, Dr Mike Uyi said the allegations are “paranoid, deceitful, baseless and mere hallucinations that serves no purpose whatsoever.

In a press statement on Monday in London, Uyi said the Hon. Minister is a man of integrity and we’ll grounded politician loved not only by his people but the entire nation.

Uyi noted that aggrieved politicians are after a man of reputable and respected character to malign his integrity.

“We advice all those paid persons promoting this falsehood to stop in their interest as GPMI will engage in legal battle with anyone found wanting”.

General Yahaya’s Logic in Transforming Nigerian Army


The sovereignty of any nation is squarely in the hands of the armed forces and the Nigerian army has been working assiduously to protect the vulnerable people and safeguard the country from egregious attacks by the Boko Haram terrorists, and other militias in the North West and North Central states of the country. The efforts by the Nigerian military in curtailing soaring insecurity in the country is being achieved by the tactical logic of the Chief Of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Faruk Yahaya.

Lt. Gen. Yahaya assured that the army under his command would remain resolute and continue to chart progressive paths towards tackling the insecurity challenges in the federation.

Driven by his honesty, passion and the desire to reposition the Nigerian Army into one that is admired by the people, the United Kingdom-based Global Peace Movement International (GPMI) recently honoured Lt. Gen. Yahaya, with ‘Touch Light of Unity’ award for his dogged, brave and fearless approach in containing banditry, terrorism, insurgency and other criminal elements in the country.

The GPMI noted that under the leadership of General Yahaya, the Nigerian military have recorded incredible progress in the war against all manner of insecurity in the country.

While asserting his quest for peace in the nation, the Chief of Army Staff warned that he will not take or accept excuses from army commanders as they lead troops in tackling security challenges facing the country.

According to Lt. Gen. Yahaya, “the army under my command will remain resolute and continue to chart progressive paths towards tackling the challenges.

Commanders must, therefore, glean from my `Command Philosophy’ to ensure that operational and administrative proficiencies of Nigerian Army units and formations are sustained and improved upon. They must seize initiative and commanders must take initiative, they must take decisive actions to defeat the threats in their respective areas of responsibilities (AORs). I will not again take or accept no excuses.

Gentlemen, failure is failure irrespective of the circumstances.”

Praising Lt. Gen. Yahaya’s impact in restoring peace in the affected regions in the country, the UK based agency said, “this is the first time a serving Chief Of Army Staff is appearing on their website because Faruk ‘is a real military and a professional officer and not a political soldier.”

President Muhammadu Buhari government has expressed commitment to ending insecurity and has supported not just the army but the armed forces generally with warfare, funding, equipment and so on to enable them to confront the security threats in the country.

The contemporaneous security situation in the North East, North West and South-East parts of the country is more diverse, dynamic, interconnected and far less predictable than ever; hence the charge by Lt. Gen. Yahaya that contemporary threats and operating environment demand innovative leadership and competence from commanders.

As the Nigerian security agencies undergo continuous changes in missions and tasks, as well as in the form of their organisations, the warfighting abilities of military leaders are not the only ones required. Transformational military leadership, with leaders operating from the post-conventional level of developmental action-logic, arguably become one of the most needed capacities.

The logical transformational leadership pattern General Yahaya has introduced has brought about changes needed to respond adequately and adaptively to contemporaneous and future security challenges in Nigeria.

Buttressing his quality and the desire to rid the most populous country in Africa, the Chief of Army Staff, in one of his meetings with the military officers, assured that despite contemporary security challenges, the Nigerian Army under his leadership, is being repositioned to conduct its operations efficiently; pointing that this has become imperative to defeat the myriad of adversaries behind threats to the internal security of the country.

Lt. Gen. Yahaya made it clear that the army is better positioned under the current leadership through effective training and re-training and stressed that training will improve the capacity of the army to checkmate security challenges currently bedevilling the nation.

While reaffirming his stance for logical repositioning of the Army, the Chief of Army Staff, charged all the officers and men of the army to devise multidimensional, multidisciplinary and multifaceted approaches to defeat all adversaries and challenges.

The Nigerian army has accomplished numerous successes in its operations across the country and has ameliorated the horrible attacks by the militants to near zero.

Perhaps, Lt. Gen. Yahaya has encapsulated his command philosophy anchored on four cardinal pillars: Professionalism, Readiness, Administration and Cooperation, since assumption of duty on May 28, 2021.

The Chief of Defence Staff, Lucky Irabor, while. commending the military for their efforts, said the security threats being experienced in the country will soon become history.

Irabor stressed, “There are challenges but the challenges are not as much as where we started from. That gives hope for everyone that as we go into the year, there is ample opportunity to escalate the actions that brought the peace that we now enjoy and also to take it to another level where there would be no need for anyone to live in fear in any part of the country.”

The Chief Of Army Staff approach to leadership motives the operational disposition of troops in battle with tremendous exploits that resulted in the neutralisation of high profile terrorist commanders and their foot soldiers, which led to the mass surrender of fighters and recovery of combat equipment and degraded the capability of the terrorists.

Security analysts have commended Lt. Gen. Yahaya for providing the welfare needs of troops ranging from housing to logistics as well as operational requirements; and has been on all fronts, leading with remarkable strides in the area of massive infrastructural developments across Nigerian army formations and units.

The tactician Chief Of Army Staff has also provided the opportunity to re-assess the Nigerian Army’s combat readiness to come up with a workable framework and strategies for winning the war against adversaries.

He added that the army was conducting recruitment and training of over 3,000 recruits to enhance its manpower capacity and capabilities to increase its fighting capability.

A true leader, according to General Douglas MacArthur, has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. Lieutenant General Faruk Yahaya does not set out to be a leader but becomes one by the equality of his actions and the integrity of his intent.

Air Peace acquisition of Airbus 320s a milestone in Nigeria’s Aviation – UYI

The President General, Global Peace Movement International UK, Dr Mike Uyi, has described the acquisition of Airbus 320s as a milestone in Nigeria’s aviation industry.

Dr. Uyi gave this commendation on Wednesday in a press statement in London.

Commending the Air Peace Chairman, Allen Onyema, Uyi said that the beauty of the aircraft delivery was not just that the aircraft is new but that the airline Is always picking the right kind of aircraft in line with international aviation standard.

“What Allen Onyema is doing through his airline, Air Peace will boost domestic and regional operations and above all create more jobs for our youths”.

“Air Peace has changed the negative Nigerian aviation narratives to a more internationally accepted standard”.

The GPMI President General also thanked the CEO, Allen Onyema for the ‘Priority Boarding Policy,’ to honour Nigeria’s military personnel, both serving and retired. He described it as a gesture that Nigerians will not forget in a hurry.

It could be recalled that the Chief Executive Officer, Allen Onyema said Air Peace holds the contributions of the military in securing Nigeria and defending its territory from external aggression in high esteem.

According to him, the Priority Boarding Policy introduced is their own way of appreciating and recognising the noble and patriotic efforts of the officers and men of Nigeria’s Armed Forces, for the risks they take and all the sacrifices they make in defending the territorial integrity of this country.

“GPMI is warning those who are always in the habit of destroying the image of any Nigerian making a difference to make Nigeria proud, we will not take it henceforth. We are ready to enter any legal battle with anyone who is found guilty of character assassination of Allen Onyema or any good Nigerian making us proud at home and abroad”.

Armed Forces remembrance day: Ambassador Mike Uyi appeals support for the wives of fallen heroes

President General, Global Peace Movement International, UK and Ambassador of the Nigerian Armed forces, Dr Mike Uyi has called on Nigeria to show respect to fallen heroes and to show concern for their children and window.

Uyi made the call in London over the weekend for the 2022 Armed Forces Remembrance Day celebration.

He said the fallen heroes had contributed positively for peace and United Nigeria.

“As others have died in the cause of maintaining the peace of the country, we that are alive should also emulate and demonstrate and continue on the peace part” he said.

Uyi called on all to demonstrate in showing unity in the country. Stressing that togetherness of the country is not negotiable.

He said we have no alternative other than to keep Nigeria a united country.

“ Let us continue to maintain one country and in peace and unity. Our leaders should continue to deploy development, so that the citizens will feel better and united,” he said.

“I want to commend the Armed Forces of Nigeria for its subordination to civil rule; and ensuring that democracy has come to stay.

“As we commemorate the 2022 Armed Forces Remembrance Day, it should be a period of sober reflection, especially for those who want to continue to benefit from the present security challenges in the country”.

“Nigeria has lost a lot in terms of finance, material and human resources in prosecuting the war against insurgency, banditry etc. We must not continue this way”.

“I urged Nigerians to support the military at this critical time in our nation’s history to end all forms of insecurity”.

AFCON: GPMI applauds Allen Onyema’s role in Super Eagles’ victory

Global Peace Movement International UK has applauded the role played by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Air Peace, Mr. Allen Onyema, in the Super Eagles’ victory
at the on going African Cup of Nations.

The President General, Dr Mike Uyi in London on Sunday said he is not surprised at Onyema’s encouragement for the Super Eagles saying it takes only anyone with the love of country to do so.

Dr. Uyi who was excited over the outcome of the Super Eagles, argued that Onyema’s role in the successes so far recorded by the national team cannot be wished away.

“Onyema’s encouragement to those young Nigerian players, among many other positive factors, must have contributed to the victory of the Super Eagles so far.

“We need more leaders in this country like Onyema whose love for Nigeria is second to none”

“Onyema’s role is a wake-up call on Nigerians to rally for the unity and prosperity of the country”.

Uyi said notwithstanding all our challenges, there is a good prospect for a Nigerian nation. One of such exceptions was demonstrated by Mr. Allen Onyema.

Dr. Mike Uyi and family celebrate daughter on her graduation (PHOTO)

The President General Global Peace Movement International, UK and Ambassador of Nigerian Arm Forces, Dr Mike Uyi and his family celebrate with their daughter Victoria Pishmanova Uyi who graduated from London Metropolitan University.

Dr. Uyi who was joined by other family members, shared photos of his wife and daughter together with other family members.

Dr. Mike Uyi who actually shared the photos on her social media accounts, captioned the photos with these words:

“Today, to the glory of God, great baby has graduated from University! As a family, we are truly grateful to the Almighty God for his guidance and support over her life.

We indeed give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures forever! (1Chronicles 16:34)” she said.