Umahi will make a good president — GPMI

GPMI drums support for Gov. Umahi’s Presidential ambition

Global Peace Movement International, UK has thrown its weight behind the presidential ambition of the Governor of Ebonyi State Gov. Dave Umahi, calling on Nigerians to support his support his aspiration because of the successes he has achieved in Ebonyi state and beyond.

This was contained in a statement released on Saturday By the President General Dr. Mike Uyi where he reeled out the achievement of the Governor, and what he term his unique leadership qualities.

The statement said that “We at Global Peace Movement International, having accessed his capacity and those of the other aspirants are pledging our support for the incumbent Governor, of Ebonyi state Gov. Dave Umahi, this in appreciation of the land mark achievements he has recorded in Ebonyi state in the last 6 years. We have consciously followed his activities and proud to project him to all Nigerians and the world as the President that would ensure that the Nigeria of our dreams is actualized as soon as possible because Nigerians have suffered a lot and we should not make the mistake of giving power to anybody who cannot ensure that Nigerians are better for it .

“In leadership he has identified and developed several leaders in Ebonyi state who have assisted him to transform the state practically converting the state project sites with developmental projects going on simultaneously in several communities in the state and this is the kind of leader we want in Nigeria, who can identify potential leaders who would drive the developmental process with him because there is no leader that drives development alone.

According to Uyi, a candidate aspiring for the presidency should be a good leader, instead of a follower, that he should also be healthy , he should be a patriotic citizen, and a good negotiator. Well experienced in government policies, one who promotes education and willing to help the middle working class, these are the qualities we have discovered in Gov. Umahi.

“Gov Dave Umahi is not in any form of competition with anyone or in any show of money. He is a man with good character, wisdom and goodwill. He is a man with no do or die political mission. DAVE is a politician with a Profession.

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